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8 Week Professional Carpentry Diploma

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Able Skills has their own accommodation available at £20 per night for those of you who are travelling longer distances to train with us.

City & Guilds 8 Week Carpentry Diploma

Qualification structure is changing to fall in line with the Qualification Credit Framework and new from City & Guilds for 2010/2011 is the Level 1 Diploma in Basic Construction Skills. The qualification covers various construction subjects and you can mix and match the units to suit the kind of work that you are looking to do in the future.

City & Guilds 6218-04 Level 1 Diploma in Basic Construction Skills – Focusing on  Carpentry/Joinery/Cabinet Making

We have taken 14 units from this construction award which all relate, in one way or another to:

•    Carpentry
•    Joinery
•    Cabinet Making

For anyone looking for a career within the carpentry industry, completing these particular trade units will ensure that you are covering all of the related skills. This qualification, new for 2010/2011, meets the needs of those of you who work or want to work in the Carpentry industry.

It will enable you to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression within Carpentry. This course is ideal if you want to start a career within this trade and eventually move on to gain your NVQ level 2 in this specific trade area.

The City & Guilds qualification gained from this course is excellent evidence for when you do want to complete your NVQ.

Able Skills will provide you with the carpentry training to meet all of the standards as required by City & Guilds but we will also build on this to give you much more so that you will gain a better insight into areas of carpentry, joinery and cabinet making.

The emphasis for us is on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations and to reflect reality which is why we have designed the Carpentry Centre to cover every possible trade related scenario which means that we can access all levels of qualification so should you want to progress and learn more, this will be possible.

We do feel that after 7 years of providing carpentry training, we are the best at what we do. We invest in our facilities, our staff and our students. We have fantastic carpentry instructors who make you feel welcome at all times and are dedicated to providing a service which upholds our reputation.

Their patience is to a level which will make sure everyone believes that they can achieve this City & Guilds Diploma…. And they can, with dedication to the course.

Here, we explain the requirements and Able Skills training plans in order for you to achieve the City & Guilds 6218 Diploma:

This City & Guilds 6218-04 Level 1 Diploma in Basic Construction Skills is worth in excess of 37 credits and is an ideal starting point towards building up to your NVQ portfolio.

To achieve (and exceed) the 37 credits needed for the diploma you must complete all of the below units.

City & Guilds Unit Number and Title

•    Unit 001 Introducing Site Carpentry Skills (Entry Level 3)
•    Unit 002 Introducing Bench Joinery Skills (Entry Level 3)
•    Unit 003 Introducing Cabinet Making Skills (Entry Level 3)
•    Unit 006 Introducing Levelling In Construction (Entry Level 3)
•    Unit 101 Developing Site Carpentry Skills (Level 1)
•    Unit 102 Developing Bench Joinery Skills (Level 1)
•    Unit 103 Developing Cabinet Making Skills (Level 1)
•    Unit 104 Developing Flooring Skills (Level 1)
•    Unit 105 Developing Partitioning Skills (Level 1)
•    Unit 106 Developing Hand Tool Maintenance Skills (Level 1)
•    Unit 107 Developing Hand Plane Skills (Level 1)
•    Unit 201 Expanding Site Carpentry Skills (Level 2)
•    Unit 202 Expanding Bench Joinery Skills (Level 2)
•    Unit 203 Expanding Cabinet Making Skills (Level 2)

In order to achieve these units, we will provide comprehensive training way beyond what is required to complete this qualification. Along with the mandatory training and assessment, we will also ensure that training is provided for all of the day to day carpentry and joinery requirements.

In the allocated time of 8 weeks, we will aim to cover:

Carpentry - This will include training in the following:

•    Fixing Skirting to a timber background
•    Fixing floor joists and laying flooring
•    Fixing door lining in stud partition or blockwork opening
•    Hanging an internal door
•    Making a casement window
•    Fixing and stabilising trussed rafters
•    Setting out and cutting one pair of common rafters
•    Operating basic wood machines

Joinery - This will include training in construction of the following traditional joints:

•    mortice and tenon
•    stub mortice and tenon
•    haunched mortice and tenon
•    centre bridle joint
•    dovetail halving joint
•    through dovetail
•    shouldered housing
•    slot dovetail

This training will be conducted through the building of 1 or more of the following dependent upon time available:

•    a nail box
•    a pair of gallows brackets
•    a garden gate
•    a built in cupboard

All of the training will be combined with assessments and some portfolio completion and once all of the units are completed, you will be awarded a City & Guilds Diploma

Carpentry Progression, Alternative Training and CSCS:

Following on from your City & Guilds Carpentry Diploma you can continue training with Able Skills to increase your Carpentry skills and knowledge. We have  a variety of courses available but it is up to you as to how far you want to go in the Carpentry industry. As an alternative to this City & Guilds Construction Diploma, we can offer the following:

NVQ at level 2 – This is an automatic step up from the CAA Construction Diploma and will require you to have access to Carpentry work in order for Work Based Assessments to be undertaken by Able Skills NVQ Assessors.

Alternatively, if you would rather undertake a very comprehensive level of training at Able Skills but with reduced theory requirements, Able Skills can combine the C&G 6218 Diploma, add 2 weeks of reality carpentry training and register you for the NVQ.

This outcome will be the same as the CAA Construction Diploma but will not have the full accreditation with it. The NVQ will still be achievable but the onus will be on you to provide slightly more work based evidence.

If you are looking to undertake ‘site’ based carpentry work in the future, it is important that you have a CSCS card, without it, you will not be able to access sites. Able Skills will provide you with the training material to aid you in your understanding of site health & safety and we will also pay for you to undertake your CSCS test.

The aim of the test is to examine knowledge across a wide range of health and safety topics in order to improve safety and productivity on site. If you are looking to hold an Experienced Worker or Skilled Worker card, you will need to be registered for an NVQ.

Cost and Duration of 8 Week Professional Carpentry Diploma

Duration: 8 Weeks

  • Cost: £2,995.00 Inc VAT
  • £500 Deposit payable
  • Please call us for our easy installment plans.


Additional Information

Able Skills is open 7 days every week and most courses can be completed either through the week (Mon-Fri) or at weekends (Sat-Sun) – Please call for details

A deposit will secure your start date and any balance can be paid on the start date or spread over the period of your training – Interest Free!

For all workshop based training and/or assessment we recommend suitable clothing and for your safety, protective footwear is essential.

Carpentry Courses at Able Skills

by Able Skills

Paul H

I picked Able Skills because they were very clear about logistics, the price of their courses, timings etc. They were straightforward on the phone. They were ideally situated, commutable from central London, offering a low commitment course to test things out. A great course to find out if you want to go further with Carpentry.

Joseph I

I found the Carpentry course extremely informative. Tutors were friendly and professional and very knowledgeable, passing information on to students in a practical and memorable fashion. Thanks Steve and Tim, great job!

Zack M

Great Tutors, very knowledgeable. Very friendly and helpful. They don’t fill you with a load of nonsense only useful advice. They don’t just give you the answer to your problem, they explain how, why and where you would use it. The overall rating for Able Sills is Excellent, just as the reviews had suggested.

Johnathan C

I found the Carpentry intensive five day course extremely interesting and helpful, exactly what I was hoping for. Instructors were very professional and adept at pitching information in a way that all easily understood. Very enjoyable, many thanks.

Sanjay S

I found Able Skills online. I chose to train with them further to my visit at the centre. I did not have to book an appointment to visit, they have an open door policy. The most important factors to me when training were quality of course, practical aspects and flexibility, the no hard sell was a bonus! The course was top quality with exceptional tutoring. Their tutors are the top of their game and take time to pass on their knowledge. I am very happy and will come back for more. Ten out of ten !


I took the 6 week carpentry 6217 at Able Skills. Tim and Steve were great instructors and both very helpful and knowledgeable, they allowed great training and a great atmosphere in the workshop. Excellent! The course was value for money and met with all my expectations.

Jack H – 5 Day Intensive Carpentry Course

I decided to train with Able Skills as they offered good value for money.  Course tuition was fantastic! A lot was fitted in during the 5 days but because of excellent tuition and explanation, you didn’t need to go over things twice and you didn’t feel rushed. 

David G – 5 Day Intensive Carpentry Course

Able Skills offer such a great variety of courses that is one of the main reasons I choose to train with them.  I found the course content to be very good and both the tutors were brilliant and could answer any questions that I had about projects I wanted to undertake in my home.  They also adapted the course best suited to my personal needs.

Ian Johnson

I took the 5 day Intensive Carpentry Course. I really enjoyed this week, Steve and Tim’s tuition was excellent, thank you. The course was value for money and I would rate Able Skills as excellent.

Dimitre Ivanov

The course was very good. I learnt very important things that can help me with my future career. Both of my instructor were exceptionally good. They taught me a lot of valuable and wise points in carpentry. I’m very, very happy. The overall rating for Able Skills is excellent. I am glad that I found them on the internet.

James Crabb

I find their instructors nice to talk to and very good at their jobs. This is the reason I return to Able Skills for my training. The course is value for money and their overall rating is excellent. I would definitely recommend them.

James Dowler

I chose to train through Able Skills as they were able to offer the same qualifications as my local College in less time. The instructors were all very helpful, giving not only training advise by also offering advice in what to expect when working in the trade. I would definitely attend other training Courses though Able Skills and recommend to others.

Graham Wartho

I heard about Able Skills through a friend. I thought Steve was an excellent instructor. He explained things very well and gave everyone a lot of time. He also made sure we were doing the task properly and was always there to help. I was recommended to Able Skills through a friend and felt the course was value for money and met all my expectations.

Jim Margary

Able Skills have excellent facilities and instruction from its Tutors.  The course was value excellent and I would recommend others to Able Skills.

Simon Lee

It is very hard to find such excellent tutors. The standard of both Tim & Steve’s teaching is second to none. It is a very friendly and fun environment to be in with everyone feeling part of the task however fast or slow you are picking it up. I chose Able Skills after reading other peoples reviews. Both Tutors had different approaches to solving problems, which helps you see which one suits you. There is a lot of emphases on planning & checking which I feel makes you aware of the issues you will later face if you do not prepare beforehand.

Mark Jolly

Both Steve and Tim are excellent instructors! Patient and encouraging. Able Skills are an excellent training company and I would recommend.

Andy George

The course has given me a good foundation in Carpentry. Steve’s instruction was first class and he passed on a great deal of knowledge. He was keen and always gave encouragement. Thank you for making this an enjoyable week.

Dean Cox

Excellent instruction! Patient course tutors with knowledge second to none. Plenty  of practice, I picked up many useful tips, Thank you!

Christopher Pluck

I was placed on a training course through the company I work for. I would like to say the tutors were very patient and clear with their instructions, superb at their jobs. I would recommend to others.

Shayne Liddle

I thought for a week’s course, we packed in a lot of various tasks which I learned a great deal from and hope I can use at my work place. I would consider taking a plumbing course with Able Skills, I would definitely rate them as excellent.

Michael Wilson

Tim and Steve were excellent tutors and very approachable with a good teaching style. Did get very hot a couple of times but overall a great place to train. Very happy thanks!

Eric Benn – 6 Weeks Hands On Carpentry and Joinery Course

I did consider other training providers but none of them provided the course that I was interested in.  It was also easy to get to from my home and they provided fantastic support, from booking the course all the way through to the training.  Both my tutors, Tim and Steve had lots of ideas for my specific learning programme. Great set up at Dartford - enjoyed every moment.

Farrukh Ahmad – 4 Weeks Hands On Carpentry Course

I considered training centres closer to my home but none of the other centres catered for my needs.  I think the style of the tutors at Able Skills was exactly what I needed.  I enjoyed it more than other courses I have attended at colleges.  I really enjoyed the facilities and the friendly atmosphere. 


Able Skills has grown and so has the amount of students in attendance and we are being used by everyone right across the UK and abroad.

As a result of the increase in students, Able Skills has purchased 3 properties to accommodate the growing numbers of people travelling from distance.

Able Skills properties are licensed HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and are fully equipped in line with local authority standards.

The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students.

Able Skills employs someone to maintain the properties on a regular basis and also to ensure that the property is being looked after by those staying.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this accommodation at £20 per night and we are keen to ensure that your time away from home is enjoyable and comfortable. The properties are situated close to all of our training centres and some have allocated private parking facilities.

This enables you to leave your vehicle in a safe and secure environment and make that short walk to whichever course you are attending.

We are a very popular choice of training centre and as a result we are very busy and so is our accommodation. We would recommend that you make every attempt to tie in any accommodation requirements at the time of booking your course.

If our accommodation is full, there are other local alternatives available which range from £20 per night upwards.

During your stay at Able Skills accommodation we will guarantee you a secure area to keep all of your belongings and additionally, we guarantee that the only people using this property are Able Skills students.

Should you require any additional information or wish to book training and accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact Gary, Angela or John on 01322 280 202.

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