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Handy-Man Training Course

Able Skills is open 7 days every week – Please feel free to pop in and see what we do.

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As we are open 7 days - Courses can be completed either through the week (Mon-Fri) or at weekends (Sat-Sun)

A deposit will secure a course start date and any balance can be paid on the start date or spread over the period of your training – Interest Free!

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Able Skills has their own accommodation available at £20 per night for those of you who are travelling longer distances to train with us.

Handyman Courses

Able Skills provides training in various subjects on various levels.

We have dedicated training centres for designated subjects and this ensures that all of our courses run every week and weekend – without fail. And because we are always open, it allows us to have the flexibility that people with busy lives need if they want to learn about different subjects and gain specialist skills.

In addition, we have qualified staff who have themselves spent many years working within their particular industry, gaining experience and knowledge which they are now happy to pass on. Every member of Able Skills teaching staff has undergone training and assessment themselves to ensure that they have the qualities required to teach; individually, they are all now qualified Assessors and Verifiers.

The scale of our training operation is what makes us the perfect choice for any person looking to be trained as a multi skilled Handyman or Handywoman. We haven’t just thrown our courses together and crammed everything in, we have taken the time to research exactly what it is that people need most and have arranged training around this.

Training as a Handyman

Some people want to learn a little bit of everything to cater for home maintenance or similar; some want to specialise in particular areas like bathroom or kitchen installation so therefore will train in those subjects relevant to those jobs but there are people out there who want to be able to offer more than the next man (or woman) and therefore want to learn everything!

Able Skills wants to be the training centre of choice so if Handyman is your chosen career then where better to train than at the Centre which offers everything?

A career as a Handyman gives you the freedom to provide a complete repair or refurbishment service to your customers. What better way of impressing potential customers than showing them that they only need one person to complete the work to be done, saving them time and money.

A career as a Handyman is guaranteed to be varied as no 2 jobs will be the same, you can enjoy the benefits of self employment or even employment as multi skilled tradesmen are very much in demand with maintenance companies, local authorities, housing associations and many more.

To become a Handyman we can offer you training in:

1. Tiling
2. Kitchen Fitting
3. Carpentry
4. Plumbing
5. Bricklaying
6. Plastering
7. Electrical Installation
8. Painting & Decorating

To be able to have expertise as a Handyman, we have the following subjects available to you. These subjects can be covered in 5 day training periods (Mon-Fri) or over 2 weekends.

We will ensure that you are taught by instructors who understand reality and who will give 100% and more; all of the guys are incredibly flexible and will make adjustments to suit you if they can.

Tiling: Taught by Max and Terry

This hands on training course takes place in our dedicated Tiling training centre where there is the option to tile in real Bathrooms and Kitchens. We use a vast range of tiling products using only Rubi tiling tools and we have the facilities to teach you every area of Tiling. This initial course will cover:

•    Setting out your tiling work.
•    Explaining all the different adhesives used for different surfaces.
•    Demonstrating all the tools required.
•    Cutting tiles using wet tile cutters, dry tile cutters, tile scribes, tile snips and tile saws.
•    Explaining tiling involving Borders, Diamonds and Patterns.
•    How to cut around windows and reveals.
•    How to cope with tiling difficult areas such as uneven walls.
•    How to tile angled ceilings and socket areas.
•    How to tile splash-backs.
•    How to tile around boxed in pipes.

Kitchen Fitting: Taught by Paul

This is a very popular training option and is delivered in spacious settings and will allow you to fit a complete kitchen from start to finish including cutting your own worktops. We will also cover:

•    Selecting the right units for a kitchen, reading manufacturers scale drawing and the planning of a basic kitchen layout
•    Marking, Setting out and levelling of units to a datum line
•    Assembling and Fixing base and wall units
•    Practice scribing then cutting of a 45 90 degree masons mitres using a work top jig and router
•    Cutting inserts for sink and hobs in worktops.
•    Hanging doors and templates for fitting of door furniture.
•    Marking, cutting and fixing of cornice pelmet and plinth.
•    You will also cover health and safety along with the requirement for Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), and the building regulations applicable to kitchen fitting in respect of electrics and water.

Carpentry: Taught by Roger & Paul

This Carpentry training centre is without doubt the biggest and best equipped in the country. The options for learning here are endless. An intensive 5 days of carpentry will cover:

•    Use hand tools such as chisels, planes etc.
•    Cut basic joints
•    Cut and fit dado rails, architraves, skirtings and doorstops
•    Erect a stud-wall
•    Fit a door lining/frame
•    Hang a door
•    Fit a Lock

Plumbing: Taught by Jim, Toby or Richard

Always a popular training option, this course is entirely hands on and is delivered with reality in mind from extremely experienced and very real Plumbers. The course covers:

•    Practical health and safety
•    Plumbing systems and fittings
•    Soldering techniques
•    Jointing, bending and pressure testing copper tube
•    Plumbing pipe work
•    Copper pipe work skills
•    Valves, taps, cisterns, and cylinders
•    Plastic Tube installation
•    Plumbing systems
•    Domestic plumbing systems
•    Bathroom installation
•    Soil and waste pipes
•    Installing Radiators
•    Fault Finding

Bricklaying: Taught by Simon

You will be laying bricks within the first hour and will be amazed at what you can produce by day 5. We will teach you:

•    Set out building lines
•    Brick and block work
•    Ensure your walls are square and vertical
•    Build a corner, a pillar, a pier and a  cavity wall.
•    Bricklaying bonds eg: English Bond, Flemish Bond and Stretcher Bond
•    Pointing for face work
•    Put in a damp course
•    Put in lintels and windows

Plastering: Taught by Spencer, Martin and Jo

Again, a Plastering centre which has facilities far out weighing any other training centre. This centre can teach you plastering to incredible levels but to start, our 5 day course will cover:

•    To cut and fix plaster board to walls and ceilings.
•    To tape standard and internal joints.
•    To cut and fix angle beads around windows and reveals.
•    To prepare surfaces before plastering using bonding plaster and finishing plaster, ensuring a flat finished surface ready for decorating.
•    To mix plastering materials.
•    To skim walls.
•    To skim ceilings.
•    To apply PVA adhesive Unibond to existing surfaces.

Electrical Installation: Taught by Alan, Richard and Steve

This Electrical training centre is equipped with an abundance of workshop training bays, classrooms and a designated computer suite should you ever look to gain Electrical qualifications. To get you started, this 5 day introduction to understanding Electrical installations will cover:

•    Applicable Building Regulations
•    Electrical Safety legislation, regulations standards and terminology
•    Safe isolation procedures
•    Identification of unsafe electrical situations
•    Earthing and bonding requirements
•    Electrical test procedures
•    Cable and component selection
•    Installation and replacement of electrical components
•    Checking the correct and safe operation of installed electrical components
•    Recording of electrical test results and completion of certification
•    Installing and/or rerouting cables
•    Special Locations
•    New circuit requirements
•    Lighting installations
•    Maintenance
•    Supplies

Painting & Decorating: Taught by Mark

This training course covers every aspect of P&D and with the small class sizes, provides excellent learning opportunities. In this initial training course, you will be taught:

•    Health and Safety, PPE and safe working practices
•    Correct use of tools and equipment used in this trade
•    Preparation of new and old surfaces ready for painting
•    Repairing imperfections in walls and wood ready for painting
•    Application of water based products such as primers, undercoats, emulsion and eggshell using  brushes and rollers
•    Application of oil based products
•    Cutting around obstructions, openings, fittings such as radiators, windows, sockets and switches
•    How to use a roller effectively
•    Cutting, pasting and hanging wallpaper

Handyman Training Fees

We are keen for anyone interested in a Handyman career to be able to cover as many subjects as they like and so we aim to make this as affordable as we can. We are offering:

Cost and Duration of Handy-Man Training Course

Duration: 6 Weeks

  • Cost: £1,950.00 Inc VAT
  • £600 Deposit payable
  • Please call us for our easy installment plans.


Additional Information

Able Skills is open 7 days every week and most courses can be completed either through the week (Mon-Fri) or at weekends (Sat-Sun) – Please call for details

A deposit will secure your start date and any balance can be paid on the start date or spread over the period of your training – Interest Free!

For all workshop based training and/or assessment we recommend suitable clothing and for your safety, protective footwear is essential.

Multi skills Building Courses available in Dartford Kent

by Able Skills


I heard about Able Skills through a friend. I did consider other training centres, but found this course to be value for money and its location suited me. Mike was an excellent instructor. He was friendly and told you what you needed to know. I would consider attending other training courses and will be recommending them to friends.

David Allen

I found Able Skills networking on the internet, and after my research found them to be best value for money and tuition. I can confirm after completing my Multi Trade Course, they offered great instruction and passed on key knowledge.

Lee Rule – Kitchen Fitting Course

I was very happy with both my instructors, Tim and Steve. They were very thorough in teaching me and also easy to talk to and approach. I would definitely recommend Able Skills and offer good value for money.

Steve Harris – Kitchen Fitting Course

I didn’t consider any other training provide because the reports where really good. The most important thing was that it was local. Paul was very thorough with the ability to teach and gave me some really helpful tips.


Able Skills has grown and so has the amount of students in attendance and we are being used by everyone right across the UK and abroad.

As a result of the increase in students, Able Skills has purchased 3 properties to accommodate the growing numbers of people travelling from distance.

Able Skills properties are licensed HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and are fully equipped in line with local authority standards.

The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students.

Able Skills employs someone to maintain the properties on a regular basis and also to ensure that the property is being looked after by those staying.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this accommodation at £20 per night and we are keen to ensure that your time away from home is enjoyable and comfortable. The properties are situated close to all of our training centres and some have allocated private parking facilities.

This enables you to leave your vehicle in a safe and secure environment and make that short walk to whichever course you are attending.

We are a very popular choice of training centre and as a result we are very busy and so is our accommodation. We would recommend that you make every attempt to tie in any accommodation requirements at the time of booking your course.

If our accommodation is full, there are other local alternatives available which range from £20 per night upwards.

During your stay at Able Skills accommodation we will guarantee you a secure area to keep all of your belongings and additionally, we guarantee that the only people using this property are Able Skills students.

Should you require any additional information or wish to book training and accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact Gary, Angela or John on 01322 280 202.

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