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7 Week Professional NVQ Painting & Decorating Course

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A deposit will secure a course start date and any balance can be paid on the start date or spread over the period of your training – Interest Free!

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Able Skills has their own accommodation available at £20 per night for those of you who are travelling longer distances to train with us.

City & Guilds 7 Week NVQ Painting & Decorating Courses

Why NVQ?

NVQs declare competency, they state that you are proficient at what you do for a living and that you carry out your work in the right manner, safely and to an excellent finish.

So where do you start in order to reach such a level of competence?

The answer is that you start with training; being taught to do the job of your choice to a standard that is acceptable in your industry and with a qualification which underpins the fact that you have been trained.

Able Skills has developed a 7 week training plan for those of you looking to change career and train as Painter/Decorators, receiving a qualification along the way and building on that to work towards NVQ achievement. Our primary aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to gain skills in a specific area and we work hard to ensure that this can be achieved.

We have structured this particular Painting & Decorating training programme to reflect reality and to ensure that as students, you leave having been taught to industry standards by a training centre which has the staff and facilities to be able to deliver that little bit extra.

At Able Skills we promise to deliver the correct method of training to enable you to achieve NVQ Level 2

We have devised a 7 week Painting & Decorating training course which will provide you with a City & Guilds qualification and a very in-depth understanding of what is required to gain a Painting & Decorating NVQ. We will also ensure you have a full understanding of portfolio building and evidence gathering.

You will understand what the correct path to gaining qualifications (NVQs) is:

Key points are:

1. Quality training, good enough and detailed enough to set you up with the required industry skills.
2. A qualification which will be your entry into your chosen industry
3. Training on all NVQ units
4. Learner pack
5. Portfolio

Our Painting & Decorating training has been developed to help you fully understand how to gather work based evidence, how to enlist the help of an onsite recorder, how to record photographic evidence and so on.

When you have completed the 7 weeks, we have no doubt that your skill level will enable you to find work within the Painting & Decorating industry and immediately start to gather the evidence which will award you your Painting & Decorating NVQ. We are so confident in the ability of the students who commit to 7 weeks of Painting & Decorating training that we will register you with the Construction Awards Alliance as someone who is working towards achieving a Painting & Decorating NVQ.

If you then sit a Health and Safety test and apply for a CSCS card, you will be allocated an Experienced Worker CSCS card which will enable you to easily access work sites and you can start to gather Painting & Decorating work evidence for your portfolio. Once the Painting & Decorating NVQ is achieved, the Experienced Worker card becomes a Skilled Worker Card which remains valid for 5 years.


We are aware that there are many training providers who are advertising that you can achieve NVQs within 10 or 15 days, this simply isn’t possible. You cannot expect to be close to being competent enough in just 10 or 15 days and to believe that you would be is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Please choose your Training Provider carefully.

Able Skills 7 week C&G/NVQ Painting & Decorating course can be completed over a period to suit you, you can

  • Train for 7 consecutive weeks
  • Divide your weeks up or
  • Incorporate some weekend training if you have ongoing weekly commitments

This is a hands-on, practical Painting & Decorating course, it is therefore recommended that you bring suitable clothing and for your own safety, steel capped footwear is essential. All other PPE, tools and materials will be provided throughout your training period.

 Painting & Decorating Progression at Able Skills

If you are looking for a higher level of training and would like to work towards achieving NVQ level 3, this is also available at Able Skills.

NVQs are assessments carried out at work to establish your skill level and to establish just how competent you are in your Painting & Decorating abilities and this is why we are providing you with 7 weeks of training in total preparation for this NVQ process.

In this period of 7 weeks, you will gain a City & Guilds Painting & Decorating Certificate which will act as your underpinning knowledge, followed by NVQ achievement training which will provide you with the opportunity to undertake Painting & Decorating in areas similar to that which you would find in reality.

NVQ’s cannot be obtained in a training facility, they can only be gained once you are working within the Painting & Decorating industry and these 7 weeks will provide what you need to get into the industry!

Here, we explain the requirements and Able Skills Painting & Decorating training plans in order for you to achieve the City & Guilds 6218 Certificate and preparation for NVQ assessment:

To achieve (and exceed) the 13 credits needed for the Painting & Decorating Certificate you must complete all of the below units.

Unit 006 - Introducing levelling in construction - Check the accuracy of levelling equipment and transfer levels using a spirit level and straight edge.

Unit 008 - Introducing paint finishing skills – Prepare and paint wall and attached pier, cutting in around plug and light sockets with brush and roller.

Unit 112 - Developing paint finishing skills – Prepare a door frame to receive knotting, primer, undercoat and finish coat. Prepare a window frame to receive knotting, primer, undercoat and finish coat.

Unit 113 - Developing surface preparation skills – Identify and use tools and resources including the use of access equipment when preparing a wall and attached pier to receive lining paper.

Unit 114 - Developing papering skills – Identify and apply varied types of wallpaper using the correct wallpaper adhesives/pastes to a wall and attached pier

Unit 206 – Expanding paint finishing skills – Prepare and paint both sides of an in situ 4 panel door to include knotting, primer, undercoat and finish coat

This particular Painting & Decorating award is incredibly hands on and will provide you with plenty of Painting & Decorating knowledge and confidence and will go some way to preparing you for the Painting & Decorating industry.

As the C&G Painting & Decorating Certificate alone is not enough basis for the NVQ process, we provide an additional 2 weeks of Painting & Decorating training as detailed below.

QUA 827 – Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Decorative Finishing and Industrial Painting Occupations (Construction) – Painter

This is the Painting & Decorating award which we will be providing training in and encouraging you to achieve once you are working within the Painting & Decorating industry. As well as an abundance of practical training in life size areas, we will provide you with a Painting & Decorating learner pack for study at your own leisure.
This learning pack will cover every area required to complete the Painting & Decorating NVQ units and will be something that you can retain for years to come. During the entire 7 weeks we will ensure you have a detailed understanding of all of the units which go together to make up a Painting & Decorating NVQ On Site.

The Full Route to achieve a QUA 827 Painting & Decorating NVQ Diploma is made up of the following:

QCF250C - Erecting and Dismantling Access/Working Platforms in the Workplace

QCF332 - Preparing Surfaces for Painting/Decorating in the Workplace

QCF333Av2 - Applying Paint Systems by Brush and Roller in the Workplace

QCF641 - Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace

QCF642 - Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace

QCF643 - Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace

During each NVQ Painting & Decorating unit you will have to demonstrate areas of the generic units which are:

• QCF641
• QCF642
• QCF643

You will need to ensure that you have evidence of these units within the portfolio you will be building and so training for these will be provided.

The areas to be covered will include:

  • Health & Safety / First Aid
  • SSOW (safe system of work)
  • Correct use of tools and electrical equipment
  • Ordering, storing and use of materials
  • Good housekeeping
  • PPE
  • Use and safety of scaffolding and ladders
  • Identifying appropriate materials
  • Site supervision and management

Training for these units will be completed using practical Painting & Decorating training, theory classes and handouts to assist you in your understanding of what is required of you whilst in the work place. During each further Painting & Decorating unit you undertake to achieve the NVQ, you will have to demonstrate areas of the generic units QCF641 / QCF642 / QCF643.

As the next 3 units are the mandatory units for a Painting & Decorating NVQ, we will use the 2 extra weeks to assess the necessary competencies required to achieve:

QCF250C - Erect and dismantle access working platforms - In order for you to have competence in this unit, we will ensure that you have a full understanding of how to interpret manufacturers' specifications and risk assessments, calculate requirements to erect access equipment and working platforms, inspect components and complete reports, erect and work from access equipment and working platforms dismantle and store components

QCF332 - Prepare surfaces for painting/decorating - Your competence in this unit will be achieved by gaining an understanding of how to prepare the following surfaces ready to receive finishing systems: timbers and timber sheet products, metal surfaces, trowelled finishes and plasterboard. You will also learn how to remove previously applied paint and paper ready to receive finishing systems and to rectify surface conditions, repair and make good surfaces

QCF333Cv2 - Apply paint systems by brush and roller - You will be taught how to prepare the work area and protect surrounding areas, furniture and fittings etc, how to prepare materials for application and apply water-borne and solvent-borne coatings by brush and roller, know how to clean, maintain and store brushes and rollers know how to store materials.

Once you have completed your 7 weeks of intensive, hands on Painting & Decorating training, you will then be industry ready which is where you need to be in order to achieve an NVQ. To achieve the NVQ you must be registered with an NVQ Assessment Centre and assessed in the work place, Able Skills will register you under our Centre as part of this training programme. We will provide you with a start up portfolio which will include all of the evidence and assessment sheets ready for you to use as and when you gather your work based evidence.

We will continually support you throughout the process and if you choose, we will check your portfolio evidence to ensure that you are on the right track. We will be looking for you to gain photographic evidence of work you are undertaking along with quotes, drawings, estimates, job references and letters from customers relating to the work you have undertaken.

This ongoing evidence and information will be encouraging as you witness the improvement in your abilities and it also enables you to see your own progression. When you are ready for work based assessments, we will arrange for our Painting & Decorating Assessors to visit you at your place of work and the cost per visit will be £250*

Work Placement in Kent

Able Skills has a sister company - Able On-Time Services. This company has access to both domestic and industrial properties which are regularly in need of re-decorating and maintenance. If you are Kent based or can have daily access to Kent, we can assess you at these properties to help you achieve the NVQ in a much quicker fashion. Please ask for more details when you make any enquiries about this course.

This ‘work' option will only be available to those of you who register onto the 6 or the 7 week NVQ course.

Once you have completed your portfolio to a competent level, complete with all necessary evidence and details of the site visits, Able Skills Assessors will claim your L2 NVQ Diploma in Decorative Finishing and Industrial Painting Occupations (Construction) - Painter for you.

We offer training at Weekends if you have work or other commitments through the week. We aim to make our training as accessible as possible to everyone.

Cost and Duration of 7 Week Professional NVQ Painting & Decorating Course

Duration: 7 Weeks

  • Cost: £2,495.00 Inc VAT
  • £500 Deposit payable
  • Please call us for our easy installment plans.


Additional Information

Able Skills is open 7 days every week and most courses can be completed either through the week (Mon-Fri) or at weekends (Sat-Sun) – Please call for details

A deposit will secure your start date and any balance can be paid on the start date or spread over the period of your training – Interest Free!

For all workshop based training and/or assessment we recommend suitable clothing and for your safety, protective footwear is essential.

Painting & Decorating Courses at Ableskills Dartford

by Able Skills

Dean M


I took the Painting & Decorating Course and found both Instructors to be very helpful and always there to help and answer any questions. The facilities here are brilliant, I’ve picked up so much in a short time of training. I should be coming back for the plastering course and really looking forward to come back to Able Skills and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I could not have asked for better Teachers as they are both A1, thank you all for everything!


Dean A 

I chose Able Skills to take my Wall papering course as they seemed very professional. The course was value for money. The tutors Mark & Mark were very helpful and explained everything in detail. I feel I have gained a lot and enjoyed my time on the course! I will be recommending to my friends.

Roy G

I found Able Skills on the internet and decided to train with them for Painting & Decorating. The instructors were approachable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and took time to repeat information to make sure it was understood. The course was value for money, it met with my expectations and will be recommending them to others.

William K

I took the 4 week C&G Painting & Decorating course through Able Skills. This course was perfect for me as I could work it in to suit my life and to be able to pay as you go is brilliant. I will be attending other courses with them and would recommend anyone looking to train within construction to contact Able Skills.

Min Bahadur

I chose to train with Able Skills as they have a lot of experience. The instructors are fantastic and helpful at any time. I would rate Able Skills as excellent.

Sher Gurung

Able Skills have employed experienced instructors. They have always created a friendly relationship between us (Ghurkhas), which broke the barriers and opened access to work easily at all times. Both Instructors supported and committed to our courses, so well done to them.

Dhiraj Davan

I used Able Skills for my painting & decorating training as they were highly recommended by my friend who had attended a course previously with them and they had an excellent reputation. The instructors provided all sorts of sources of information as their basic guideline. They took it gradually as the days went by which allowed us to understand the sequences very easily. The instructors are very experienced with broad knowledge upon this particular subject course. We are very fortunate to have worked under the supervision of these experienced instructors.

Simon P– 2 Day Wallpapering Course

Able Skills have so many different trades to choose from, that is why I decided to train with them. Mark was a very good, patient instructor.  He praised us when we did well and gave clear information. 

Jonathan D – 2 Day Wallpapering Course

I found my time with Able Skills very beneficial and helpful, Mark our tutor set me on the right direction. 

Tonya H – Weekend Advanced Painting & Decorating Course

I found out about Able Skills after browsing the internet.  I choose to train with Able Skills as the course offered good value for money and the centre was close to my home.  Mark was an excellent tutor and he adapted the course to fit in with my needs, I would certainly recommend this course to family and friends. 

Luke O’Grady

Important factors to me when deciding where to train were cost of course, recommendation and duration. I found Able Skills to be value for money and it met with all my expectations. I felt the first week went very slowly and it took a while to find my feet. Initially it was a bit overwhelming, but when I gained an understanding of basic painting techniques and where everything was located, I found I relaxed into the process and enjoyed the remaining unit. The tutor was very skilled and patient. He provided me with  an insight, information and techniques that will be very useful. I particularly enjoyed the wallpapering and multi coloured techniques. I had an overall good experience with Able Skills.

Lokbahador Gurung

During my two week course, I gained knowledge about the painting & decorating. My Tutor Mark is one of the best tutors. He is very helpful and handles his students very smoothly. Mark is also able to speak Nepal language as well. So Mr Mark is Best!

Kevin Curling

Mark was a very polite to me and patient. He was an excellent instructor and I have gained a lot from this course. I give the centre an overall rating of excellent!

Kenneth Maclean

I have absolutely loved training for my NVQ Level 3. The quality of information and instruction is second to none. Such a laid back and realistic place to train. Mark is quality and has passed on all his inside knowledge which has given me massive confidence to move forward into civilian street. I can’t wait, I am indebted to Mark and Able Skills as a company for putting me through a great challenging 8 weeks. Thanks so much, I will be back and will most definitely recommend you to other service leavers.

David Line

The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient. He gave clear instruction on technique and allowed ample time to put them into practice. Many thanks for an enjoyable week.

Stephen Sampson

Excellent Instruction and help from Mark. Facilities good and real life scenarios for potential work places are good. I have enjoyed my four weeks here.

Bijay Gurung

Excellent tutor, very good way of teaching, very friendly and a nice course. Thanks to Mark.

Thomas Ingram

Mark was very helpful in explaining how it should be done by drawing all the correct ways it should be done. It was most important how it was put on the wall. He was very helpful and gave me lots of tips on what to do to improve on.

Durga Rai

Able Skills is very good for practical training. Everything you need is available and I recommend Able Skills to anyone that wants to improve or learn a new trade.

Tom Dexter

The teaching at Able Skills is really good, run well, not in any way like a school. The instructors understand when you struggle. There is friendly staff and I feel comfortable to approach any of them


I heard about Able Skills though word and mouth and also on a search of the internet. I got told about Able Skills and how good it was there and also when I phoned up to book my course they understood how the army even better than me. It is close to my home and how easy it was to book and also that they have accommodation for only £20 a night is very reasonable. I am on my 2nd week of an 8 week painting and decorating course and I have learnt so much already even though i have had previous experience, the knowledge that mark passes on is second to none, very professional and knowledgeable and he is always aware at what stage you are at within your NVQ. How he keeps up is unbelievable. He is an excellent instructor his explanations and demonstrations are great and gives you exactly what you require and more about the industry outside in the real world. Will keep you up dated on my work.


My friends told me about Able Skills, I didn’t consider anywhere else I don’t know about any other training company’s. I can’t say anything bad about Able Skills everything is good. I really enjoy my course. My instructor is always very helpful and friendly will like to do level 3 in the future.


I found Able Skills on the internet. Able Skills is good for all their courses. I am enjoying my painting and decorating course at Able Skills and i like all the Able Skills staff. NO COMPLAINTES AT ALL.

Claire & Grant Young

We felt that we gained a lot out of our time and the course was awesome. I liked how mark checked work and ensured that all questions were answered as we worked through.

Aleksandr Petuhhov – 2 Day Wallpapering Course

I didn’t consider another training centre; Able Skills was my first choice. My main reason for choosing Able Skills is that they offer weekend courses and I thought the course prices were very reasonable. Able Skills have excellent tutors, the tutors are easy to talk to and give you help whenever you need it.  They provided a good and positive working environment.

David Lloyd – 7 Weeks Painting and Decorating Course

I did consider other training centres but choose Able Skills because they allowed me to undertake the course at the weekends, which was important to me.  Another great factor was that they allowed me to spread the payments interest free over my training period.  I was very impressed with my tutor Mark, he was very knowledgeable and always willing to help and give me advice if it was required. I think the cost of accommodation was very reasonable.

John Edwards –2 Day Wallpapering Course

When I was looking for training provide I only considered Able Skills. One of the most important things for me is that Able Skills have a very good reputation. Able Skills tutors were there to help when I needed it and catered to my needs.


Able Skills has grown and so has the amount of students in attendance and we are being used by everyone right across the UK and abroad.

As a result of the increase in students, Able Skills has purchased 3 properties to accommodate the growing numbers of people travelling from distance.

Able Skills properties are licensed HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and are fully equipped in line with local authority standards.

The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students.

Able Skills employs someone to maintain the properties on a regular basis and also to ensure that the property is being looked after by those staying.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this accommodation at £20 per night and we are keen to ensure that your time away from home is enjoyable and comfortable. The properties are situated close to all of our training centres and some have allocated private parking facilities.

This enables you to leave your vehicle in a safe and secure environment and make that short walk to whichever course you are attending.

We are a very popular choice of training centre and as a result we are very busy and so is our accommodation. We would recommend that you make every attempt to tie in any accommodation requirements at the time of booking your course.

If our accommodation is full, there are other local alternatives available which range from £20 per night upwards.

During your stay at Able Skills accommodation we will guarantee you a secure area to keep all of your belongings and additionally, we guarantee that the only people using this property are Able Skills students.

Should you require any additional information or wish to book training and accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact Gary, Angela or John on 01322 280 202.

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