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Domestic Electricians Training

Awarding Body City & Guilds
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City & Guilds 4555, 2382, 2377-22/32, 2394


If you are looking to undertake domestic electrical work with a view to issuing certificates for the work undertaken then this course will prove ideal for that. This package of electrical training will provide you with practical skills and Building Regulations certification, 17th Edition, Inspection and Testing and a Portable Appliance qualification.

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What You’ll Learn

The whole point of this package of learning is to get you to a point where you are able to undertake work as a Domestic Electrical Installer and be in a position to register on to a Part P Competent Persons Scheme. In doing so, you will be able to issue relevant certificates to your customer relating to the work undertaken.

This package is a programme of 5 courses (6 Certificates) which will teach you:

Course 1 - C&G 4555 & C&G 2393: 10 Days (2 weeks)

Predominantly practical, this course will take you through a range of skills to enable you to work as a domestic electrical installer. You will build lighting circuits, socket outlet circuits, cooker & shower circuits and much more. You will also learn the essentials of earthing and bonding as well as how to correctly use the tools of the trade. From a theory point of view you will also learn installation theory covering aspects such as cable sizing and selecting the right cable types to do the job in question. In addition, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Part P of the Building Regulations which is established by undertaking a multiple choice online exam – successful candidates will achieve C&G 2393 – Level 3 Certificate in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installation in Dwellings.

Course 2 – C&G 2382-12 (17th Edition): 3 Days

The aim of this 3 day electrical training course is to gain familiarity with the layout, content and application of the BS 7671 (2008) (2011) 17th Edition Regulations. The IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) are the definitive standards for the electrical industry in respect of the safe use and operation of electrical equipment and systems. They form the requirements and operating criteria for the UK and correspond to EC standards and are recognised by British Standards (BS 7671).

The course covers 8 outcomes:

  • Understand the scope, object and fundamental principles of BS7671
  • Understand the definitions used within BS7671
  • Understand how to assess the general characteristics of electrical installations
  • Understand requirements of Protection for safety for electrical installations
  • Understand the requirements for Selection and erection of equipment for electrical installations
  • Understand the requirements of Inspection and testing of electrical installations
  • Understand the requirements of special installations or locations as identified in BS 7671
  • Understand the information contained within the appendices of BS7671.

Course 3 – C&G 2377-22 (Portable Appliance Testing): 2 Days

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places a legal accountability on employers, employees and self-employed persons to comply with the provisions of the regulations and to take reasonable and practical steps to ensure that no danger results from the use of electrical equipment - this requires a regular program of maintenance, inspection and testing.

C&G 2377-22 - Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment is aimed at those undertaking practical inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Every item of electrical equipment in a commercial environment is required to be tested to ensure that it is safe to use and has been marked safe. A competent person must inspect the installation regularly in any public building or a place that people work.

Course 4 – C&G 2392-10 Level 2 Certificate in Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification 

This qualification has been developed in conjunction with the electrical industry to provide less experienced candidates with an introduction of how to inspect and test (conduct the initial verification) of electrical installations. This course was also developed as a stepping stone for individuals looking to move on to level 3 Inspection and Testing qualifications (as this is often a difficult subject for even the most experienced of electricians) so therefore sits excellently within this package of learning. This 2392-10 Inspection and testing qualification, not only helps you to fully understand testing, it also provides you with a qualification and certificate to show you are competent to undertake the work. It is a very essential skill and qualification to have for anyone undertaking electrical installations. This course is a mix of theory (with online exam) and practical training in preparation for an assessment.

Course 5 – EAL Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations: 5 Days

This qualification has been developed to provide candidates with the necessary skills to undertake initial verification and commissioning. This award gives an opportunity for individuals to develop and / or enhance their knowledge and skills in Inspection & testing of single and three phase low voltage installations. This 5 day initial verification course consists of the following:

  • Legislation
  • Safe testing awareness
  • Safe isolation of both single and three phase electrical systems
  • Completion of Installation Certificates
  • Inspection of electrical installation
  • Dead Testing
  • Live Testing
  • Commissioning of electrical system

We have chosen the EAL variant of this qualification over the City & Guilds 2394 as it enables us to complete your assessments and exams within the 5 day training period. This Qualification is of equivalent standing to that of the City & Guilds 2394.

How You’ll Learn

This course is a real mix of practical and theory training coupled with assessments and exams. This is an intense package of learning which can be completed in consecutive weeks of training or broken down into separate training blocks. The qualifications achieved from this package of learning will give you your entry into the domestic electrical sector and enable you to self-certificate work that you have done, once you have registered on to a Competent Persons scheme.


If you live further afield, Able Skills offers a range of accommodation opportunities for you to consider and if appropriate, Accommodation Quotes/Invoices can also be provided for you.

Duration & Cost

This course is 24 days of training and assessment over a 5 week period. The cost is £1995 including VAT. A £500 deposit will secure a start date and the balance can be paid in 5 instalments of £350.00. This entire package is also available at weekends – please call to enquire

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