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Domestic Gas Training - New Entrant Route

Awarding Body Gas Safe
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Pipeskills – Bpec Gas – Portfolio Placement – ACS


If you do not have a very comprehensive plumbing related background but you would like to consider a career as a Gas Safe registered Engineer then this may be the package of learning to consider. This course will bring your pipe-work skills up to the required standard and provide you with comprehensive gas training, a portfolio placement and ACS (formal gas exams) – all of which are required if you are looking to join the Gas Safe Register

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What You’ll Learn

Course 1 – Pipe-Work Skills

This aspect of the training package recognises the need for you to be taught pipe related skills acceptable for those working in the gas industry. The course assumes that you have little or no background in this area and will teach and assess you on:

  • Cutting and measuring copper tube accurately
  • Pipework preparation for soldering
  • Soldering techniques
  • Practicing soldering X and Z dimension calculations
  • Cutting, assembling and soldering practice frames to specific dimensions

In addition tasks that you will undertake will include:

  • How to assemble compression fittings
  • The use of different types of jointing pastes for compression jointing
  • Cutting and treading low carbon steel pipe
  • Jointing steel pipe
  • The use of different fittings on steel pipe
  • Cutting and assembling steel pipe frames
  • Practice soldering assessments
  • Practice compression fitting assessments
  • Practice steel pipe assessments
  • All pipework is tested to 3 bar for 3 min

Course 2 - Domestic Gas Safety Training – 3 Weeks

For new entrants to the gas industry, Able Skills provides a comprehensive managed learning programme which covers all aspects of domestic gas work and gas safety which will prepare you for working on various gas appliances.

Week 1

This Gas Training Course will provide you with a great insight into the Gas industry and present you with an understanding of the guidelines and regulations which currently govern the ACS scheme.

During this week of gas training, we will again cover basic pipework skills, gas appliance functions and the basic principles of flues and combustion to give candidates the knowledge required to move forward to the next aspect of this Gas course. At the end of this initial 5 days of gas training, you will undertake a written assessment/multiple choice exam to establish your understanding of the areas that have been covered so far.

Weeks 2 and 3

As you progress through the weeks, the gas course will develop and you will receive training in:

  • Legislation
  • Tightness Testing
  • Pipework requirements
  • Gas safety controls

Again, you will undertake a series of exams and practical assessments to satisfy your instructor that you fully understand all the areas covered at this stage. Finally, we will provide you with training in:

  • Flueing
  • Ventilation
  • Unsafe situations

And with time permitting, we will provide extra training in the servicing of various appliances.

Course 3 - Work Placement (Portfolio Completion) – Times vary

Part of the process to becoming Gas Safe registered is to prove competence working on various aspects of gas. This will need to be undertaken under the supervision of a Gas Safe registered Engineer whereby a portfolio is completed detailing the gas work that has been done, supported by photographic evidence and signed by your Gas Safe registered Engineer. Able Skills are able to arrange this placement for you, taking the hassle out of you searching for a suitable Gas Safe Engineer. Able Skills sister company: Able On-time Services, has secured a variety of gas work and placements will be arranged for students to ensure that the requirements of the portfolio are met to a very high standard.

Course 4 - ACS (Approved Certification Scheme) – 5 Days

During this final hurdle, you will undertake assessment to achieve CCN1 (Core Gas Safety) and appliances:

  • CPA1 – Combustion Performance Analysis
  • CKR1 – Cookers
  • HTR1 – Heaters
  • CENWAT1 – Boilers/Water Heaters

How You’ll Learn

This New Entrant's Domestic Gas training package is a real mix of workshop and classroom study to ensure that all pipework skills and required aspects of domestic gas and related appliances are covered. Progress is monitored with regular practical and written assessments and all evidence is recorded and retained for any Governing body to view at any time; these strict control methods safeguard all candidates and assessors and ensure that accurate, quality Gas training is delivered.

The portfolio placement aspect is where you will put in to practice what you have learned in a ‘live’ environment under supervision of a Gas Safe registered Engineer. This Engineer will mentor you through the various aspects of work, ensuring that you undertake a variety of procedures in a correct and safe manner. You can expect to work across a range of appliances undertaking services, installations and mandatory gas safety inspections.

The ACS week is where all of the learning and work experience are put to the test. You will undertake a series of exams and assessments to ensure your knowledge and skills are sound – successful candidates will receive certification to confirm this.


If you live further afield, Able Skills offers a range of accommodation opportunities for you to consider and if appropriate, Accommodation Quotes/Invoices can also be provided for you.

Duration & Cost

This course is 25 days in centre and a period of time on portfolio placement

The cost for the programme is £3175.00 including vat

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