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£155.3 million to deliver new homes in London & Southampton

Construction schemes are constant, meaning construction workers are never short of opportunities!


The Housing Delivery Fund was set up between the government and Barclays Corporate Banking to provide £1 billion of loan finance to open up the housing market and help small and medium-sized developers to deliver new homes across the country. The loans are among the first to be agreed from the fund that was launched last year.

Funding like this comes because there is a demand for new homes to be built across the UK. The population of the country is constantly rising and is currently around 66 million.

construction course Construction to begin in Wimbledon and Southampton.

This scheme is for houses in the London borough of Wimbledon and for Southampton. The funding will be used to help construct 604 apartments on the hybrid residential scheme at the former Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium site on Plough Lane. This was a well-known greyhound racing venue, however, the stadium closed in March 2017. Making room for investors to create plans for residential housing.

It seems there is no bad time to get into the construction industry but with schemes like this popping up all the time and the demand for skilled workers it's time to take advantage!

Benefit for Construction Workers:


Obviously, this is beneficial for construction workers all over. There is a constant demand for skilled tradesmen in all aspects of construction. This new funding isn't anything new, there are many construction schemes and around 300,000 construction firms in the country each employing hundreds of workers.

Construction trades:


At Able Skills, we offer a range of diffrent construction courses. Depending on what trade you want to get involved in we have instructors that can help you gain the practical ability and theoretical understanding needed to become a professional.

All our diffrent construction courses are all based here at the same location in Dartford, each trade is in a diffrent unit but all are here all in one location. If you happen to live too far away, we offer accommodation a short walk away from Able Skills for only £20 per night, which could be perfect for those considering a long commute.

If you have no previous experience in the trade you are interested in, we would recommend taking an Introductory course first. If you do have experience and or you already work in the industry, but you're looking to gain a qualification then choose a City & Guilds course.

Here is a list of our City & Guilds courses:


After completing one of these City & Guilds courses you have the option to take on an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification). This will be an additional 2-weeks on top of your standard course length.  The cost of your completed City & Guilds course will be deducted from the price of the NVQ Level 2 course that you choose.

If you take an NVQ Level 2 course you will be prepared for your on-site competency test. We will send an Able Skills assessor to your place of work, you will have to be in employment, we cannot provide the site testing, meaning you have to find your own work to be assessed at, we only provide the assessor to come in and test your competence based on a series of criteria that you would have already been briefed on if you have taken NVQ Level 2 course the course is designed for you to be successful in this assessment.

More information:


If you need more information, you can come to our centre any day of the week, we are open 7-days a week! Come into our offices at  K5, Riverside Industrial Estate, Riverside Way, Dartford DA1 5BS anytime between 8:30 - 4:30. Alternately, if you don't have time to come in feel free to call us if you have any questions or for bookings at - 0808 100 3245