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3 x Great Lads Pranks

If one of your mates is getting a bit big for their boots and needs to be taken down a peg or two, or if you want to show them how good a mate you really are in the way that only lads can, then one of the following pranks might be just what you’ve been looking for.

They are all pranks that can be found online and which will give you and your other mates a good laugh at the expense of a mutual friend. There’s no guarantee that they won’t inspire payback however, so be careful before you choose who to unleash them on. Even if you don’t use them yourself though, just reading about them is a good way to give yourself a laugh and pass some time – especially if you’re supposed to be working.

1.      ‘Filling’ your mate’s office with packaging peanuts

This is a great prank to pull if you have a mate, colleague, or family member who works in an office which has lots of windows, or a glass door opening out to the rest of the workforce. All you need do is to get yourself some tape, some paper, and a load of polystyrene packaging peanuts and you’re ready to start.

Make sure that your target is away from their office and then stick the packaging peanuts to large pieces of paper before sticking them on the insides of their office windows or door. Then, when they next return to their office it will look like you have filled their whole work space with packaging peanuts.

This is a great prank because you still get the same priceless reaction that you would get if you actually had filled their office, but without the lengthy and annoying clean-up afterwards. The results will be well worth the time spent.

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2.      Become a TV ‘sniper’

This is a clever little prank which could bring you hours of fun, whilst causing your victim no end of confusion and hilarious frustration. It simply involves modifying a ‘TV-B-Gone’ gizmo to increase the range, this allows you to turn off any TV from a safe distance away.

That means that you can observe from a safe distance as you mess with your mates mind by turning off the TV they’re trying to watch and convincing them that it’s developed the most annoying fault imaginable. A great prank!

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3.      Take control of your mate’s computer  

Another brilliant prank, use it on your mates, your mum, dad, or other family members and see the confusion on their faces. This practical joke involves you either installing a piece of software known as a VNC server onto your target’s system, or secreting a wireless mouse and keyboard receiver near their PC.

Whichever option you choose, it lets you take control of their computer. They will be at a loss as to why the cursor is moving by itself, why programs are opening or closing without them telling them to, or basically why their system is being as annoying or embarrassing as you want it to be.

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