Local east London civils contractor has won a £17m contract for London City Airport’s new terminal building project.


London City Airport isn't the biggest airport in England by a long shot, and that is why they are looking to broaden their horizons and complete the construction of a new terminal and energy centres across the next three years. In total, the construction will be 51,000 sq m. The airport is partnering with a local company and has always strived to benefit the community by employing local firms and SMEs.

This is just a small part of the overall plan that London City Aiport is devising. They have already begun on the estimated £500m renovation of the airport, which is aimed at providing the best possible passager experience to travellers. With the new facilities set to open in 2022, they have released this short fly-though video below which is a visual representation of the experience they hope to achieve, the airport is seeing a massive increase in passengers and is gearing up to meet these new demands!



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London City Airport.


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