£8bn Thamesmead homes deal!


The rate of construction across the UK is constantly on the rise, the country is expanding, developing and changes as the months go by. These huge scale projects can be great work opportunities for construction workers of all types. Each and every trade is needed in these large-scale construction projects, they can mean a lengthy contract and good money for the lucky workers. If you are interested in getting involved you are going to need some construction training, read the rest of this article to discover the range of construction courses that we offer here at Able Skills! 

Projects like this are all over the country employing thousands of workers, why not get involved and be a part of developing the country for the better - be a part of the future by constructing it. The skills gap is still effecting companies ability to employ large workforces due to the lack of skilled workers. We are doing our bit here at Able Skills by training up new recruits, young people and so on in construction trades. But obviously, we cannot affect the bigger picture it's down to you, have a look at the opportunities available to you in the industry and get involved!


construction training

£8bn Thamesmead homes deal!

Construction training:


Here at Able Skills, we aim to provide top-quality construction training in a range of diffrent trades from tiling courses to bricklaying coursescarpentry courses and more...We have been doing so for 18-years producing the country's workforce with the knowledge and practical skills to work on giant projects such as this one in New Dehli!

The trades that we offer courses in include: 

If you have no experience whatsoever, but you would like to get stuck in with some construction training, for example, our Bricklaying courses then we first recommend that you take an Introduction to Bricklaying course; this 5-day course will give you the foundation and basic understanding of the trade...If you have completed it or you have had some experience in the past then you can jump straight in with our NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying course get all the experience you need during this 8-week class and be prepared for an NVQ - National Vocational Qualification, getting your CSCS card and getting employment working on-site!


More information:


If you would like to talk about our Bricklaying courses or any other Construction training that we offer then come over to our office, we have an open policy and will show any potential candidates around our facility answer questions and provide guidance on the best possible options for you! Alternatively, you can call 08081003245! Or apply online - simply select the course you are interested in and scroll down until you see either "Book Now" or "Reserve Your Space" and follow the instruction from there and you will be on the path to becoming a professional trader in no time!

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