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A zero carbon UK by 2050: What it means for buildings

What is the impact of the Zero scheme on the construction sector?


The UK Government has agreed with the recent recommendations of the Committee for Climate Change (CCC) and intends to pursue a “zero net carbon” economy.  This is a major step in terms of pushing for a change in the way we deal with climate change.

The commitment to such a target will mean huge changes in infrastructure, building requirements and regulations. This may seem a daunting task but there are phenomenal opportunities for UK businesses and the economy overall.

The Committee for Climate Change’s report also recommends that the Government deploys the Construction Sector Deal to help tackle major ‘low carbon’ skills gaps across building design, construction and installation.

Opportunities for construction workers?


The UK and the Capital will be competing with the world and attempting to stay competitive, innovatively in construction. We want to always be advancing and one huge motive at the moment is the impending doom of climate change!

Overall this will only be a positive for the UK construction sector as it means new jobs, new roles and contracts. There will be a demand for new infrastructure, altering existing buildings and building new ones.

There has already been a high demand for constructions workers in the last couple of years, due to the housing demand and some big projects such as the third runway at Heathrow Airport. This is only set to increase with this new demand for greener landscape.

Particularly the capital will see ridiculous amounts of improvement in all aspects and this will require a massive workforce in all facets. Every construction trade is needed and will always be needed in London. We strive to be a quality city with great infrastructure and strive to be a modern city, an example of the future for others around the world.

This means that we have to be one of the first to act on things such as this demand for halting climate change and accommodating more nature-friendly,

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