Able Skills and Covid 19 – We are doing our bit to save lives.


So, the week starting 16/03/2020 was very strange at Able Skills. The week started as busy as ever and then slowly, calls to the office changed from course enquiries to enquiries relating to COVID-19 and whether we would be closing.


Up until 5pm on Friday 20th March 2020, we had decided that we were going to remain open, despite a variety of comments from students.


Then, with the formal announcement of the closure of schools and then gyms, pubs, clubs etc it made complete sense for us to adhere to the requirements of Boris Johnson and try to assist in the reduction of the spread of COVID-19 and close the training centre. The financial systems that have been put into place for businesses is unprecedented and quite frankly, remarkable and will ensure that many businesses survive this pandemic.


We have had a team in the office all weekend, contacting students to advise of the closure, making calls, following up with emails etc. The obvious question we are asked is when will we be back open? There can be no definitive answer to this and we can only keep watching Boris’ speeches and gauge from the news how well this country is, or isn’t, dealing with this pandemic.


I would like to thank a huge majority of our students for their understanding and if the truth be told, most of you have applauded and supported our decision. This decision, after all, has been made to safeguard the welfare of both the students and my staff and in turn, everyone they come in to contact with.


I have to add though that I have been appalled by a few peoples reactions and their level of selfishness – I am sure that these are the very same people who are defying the requests of the government to stem the spread of Covid-19 and the very same people who will force the government to put the country into total lockdown. 


My thanks to all of the students who are bearing with the situation. Once we open again, we will work incredibly hard to get you back on track – working with you and your timetables.


Able Skills has been around for over 18 years now and we do not intend to be shut down by a virus. We will be back, stronger than before. If any training centre can survive this, Able Skills can.


Angela Wright

Centre Manager

Able Skills Ltd