Able Skills Real Life Video Reviews gives people an exclusive and honest insight into what courses are really like here at the centre. Today's edition brings you guys an over view of student Simon Zebaida's experience with Able Skills as we find out which course he originally did and how it lead him to undergoing his Inspection and Testing 2391 Electrical Course! Being one of the many Electrical Courses here at Able Skills, we're pleased to know that we're doing our job right as Simon had nothing but great words for us in the above interview.

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Let's find out a bit more about Simon!

Simon is actually an ex policeman! After wanting a change of career, he decided to undergoing construction course training and work towards what he believes will be a more enjoyable career. Here's what Simon had to say prior to completing his Inspection and Testing Electrical Course:

I've undertaken a plastering course and I'm currently working my way through a domestic electrician course at Able Skills. They cater for everyone from complete beginners to experienced professionals looking for recognised qualifications. I came into both courses as a complete novice and the level of teaching was catered for everyone, allowing learners to go at our own pace. With amazing support from the tutors, by the end of the week I was competent to undertake work out in the real world. With such a varied number of courses available, Able Skills is fantastic for anyone looking for a career change, as I was, as well as to gain qualifications. I will definitely be back.

Don't forget about the 1 Day 18th Edition Course!

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Able Skills Electrical Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

Not only did Simon complete both a Plastering and Electrical Course, he also underwent his 18th Edition! This is essential for those looking to work on electrical installations as without it, you guys are not LEGALLY able to do so! P.S... You will all be pleased to know that more 1 Day 18th Edition Course dates have now been added! Check them out by clicking here!

Both Simon's written and video reviews are truly lovely to hear and we're pleased he had such a pleasant time at Able Skills. If you would like to follow in his footsteps and enroll on the same courses, then search our Plastering, Inspection and Testing and 18th Edition Courses today!