Now here's a first!Training centre students get a chance to tell you what it's really like to be on an AbleSkills course. Not just the usual set of testimonials and quotes that all centres publish, but we have taken it upon ourselves to get them to shoot straight from the hip, without prompting or threats of no more XXL catering bags of PG Tips to keep everyone refuelled throughout the day!

Which is exactly where we start in fact!Despite the fact that all teas and coffees are on tap, supplied free of charge to all students, there was one grumble that the refreshment area needs to be expanded. No doubt because the number of students has grown and it does get quite crowded when everyone decides it's time for a brew - all at the same time! ( AbleSkills are opening their brand new additional training spaces, dedicated to separate Electrical and Gas training, so the queue for the tea urn will come down a bit!)But down to the serious stuff!

Everyone agreed that what convinced them from the moment they arrived at the AbleSkills website was the obvious fact that everything was there to be seen and read. All the information you needed to know was quite clearly and easily able to be navigated to and be read about.Nothing is left out - it's all very straightforward and tries very hard indeed, to truly give you as complete a picture as possible of what Courses are available, what you need to do and what to expect when you come on a Course.

The next big plus is the openness and friendliness of all the staff at the Centre - nothing is too much trouble! You are invited to come down and take a look around, speak to the instructors and ask questions. One student told a short story that indicates how grateful he was for this - he had experienced the odd dodgy so-called, training centre where there simply wasn't one, just a set of questions designed to get as much personal info out of you as possible. Apparently, there are quite a few of these 'rogue trainers' out there - so be warned!

For all those on their individual Course, the general opinion was as one - extremely friendly, open atmosphere - and that was just the other students, let alone the Instructors who were all considered to be extremely good at their job and knowledgeable indeed -