A quick guide to ACS assessment courses:


The Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme or ACS is the industry recognised and accepted route for operatives to gain a certificate of competence, needed to become a member of the Gas Safe Register. Which is a requirement and is mandatory for all Gas engineers operating in the UK.

The ACS assessment course talked about in this quick guide is for anyone who is looking to be assessed on an appliance of any kind for the very first time or where 12 months has elapsed since certificate expiry. The length of the course will depend on the appliances you are planning to gain certificates in. We also run a variety of other Gas courses and Plumbing courses so make sure to check our website for information and available spaces.


Gas courses

Gas Safe Register.


What is the course you offer?


Here at Able Skills, we offer a comprehensive course that will allow you to take whatever domestic aspects you choose, remember that if you haven't been tested on a specific aspect, for example, Central Heating Boilers doing work on them is illegal as you will need to complete an assessment on every appliance you work with! In all areas of gas work, there is a core gas safety assessment which must be achieved before an individual appliance assessment can be undertaken.

Here is a list of the appliances in our Initial ACS assessment course:


  • CCN 1/CPA1: Core Gas Safety
  • CENWAT 1: Central Heating Boilers
  • CPA 1: Combustion Performance Analysis
  •  CKR 1: Domestic Cookers
  • HTR 1: Gas Fires and Wall Heaters
  • MET 1: Meters
  • DAH 1: Warm Air Heating Appliances

Undertaking your ACS is more about assessment than it is about learning. Most individuals undertaking Initial ACS will be doing so for the first time, having undertaken a comprehensive programme of learning and work placement. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in each of the areas you chose to cover, the prices for each are listed on our website...

see here! 

How do I become 'Gas Safe Registered'?


Firstly, complete this course and gain ACS certificates in the areas of work in which you would like to be 'Gas Safe Registered'. Next, it's time to apply, you can do this is a few ways including online or through downloading, printing and filling out an application form. See here for more information on the application process.

Now there is a probation period once you have become registered, during this time you must keep a record of all gas work carried out for Gas Safe Register to inspect. Certain tasks, like the installation of an appliance, must be notified to Gas Safe Register as detailed in the rules of registration.

What happens if I fail my ACS?


Please be aware that we will allocate a full 5-days for this assessment process. If you fail at any stage or run out of time, you will need to rebook and you will need to pay again for the full week's fees. Our student/instructor ratio is set by our certificating body and we are unable to slot in odd days. We book these 5-days as we think that this is an adequate length of time to complete the ACS assessment.

More information:


If you would like some more information about any of the Gas courses that we run here at Able Skills, then do not hesitate to give us a call on 08081003245 with any questions and queries, you are also more than welcome to come by our office! We are open 7-days every week and encourage visitors to the centre. You will not need an appointment, just turn up (08.30 – 16.30) and we will show you around where you will be studying on our Gas courses or other training. We are located here in Dartford at the London & Kent border just as short walk away from the train station.

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