Let's take a look at what construction workers are earning a year on average:


Statistics in the construction sector come out all the time, most are not of concern to the average person, however, these latest figures could surprise you...If you are already working in the industry you may be familiar with these amounts, but if you are looking to begin a career in a construction trade, say you've just started a course with this may be a pleasant revelation!


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Average Annual Construction Salaries Revealed!


Here at Able Skills, we offer a variety of diffrent construction courses that upon completion can land you with a job in the industry if successful. We take pride in our training and we know that we provide top-quality teaching, advice and can act as a springboard into a career! The construction industry is currently struggling to fill positions across the board from Tilers to Bricklayers, the industry needs you! The skills gap is preventing the smooth expansion and development of the industry in a time where construction of commercial, residential building and infrastructure are all on the rise.

So...Here is how to get involved:


Firstly, decide what trade it is that you are interested in, we cover the main skills and have individual units at our facility that teach each specific trade. Here is a list of the construction trades that we teach: 

Within each of these trades, there are diffrent courses for diffrent skills levels. The course that you choose will depend on your skill level, for example, if you are looking to take Bricklaying and you have no previous experience then you should maybe consider firstly enrolling on an Introduction to Bricklaying course before taking on a more full-time course such as a City & Guilds Bricklaying course or an NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying course...

We also run some technical trades such as Plumbing, Electrics and Gas and we have the national average on Plumbing and Electricians to look at as well, however, these courses work in a diffrent way to construction trades in terms of courses. For example, if you would like to work your way towards becoming an Electrician there are a bunch of short courses that you will need to undertake so for convenience we put all the necessary courses into packages. Our Gold Card Approved Electricians package, for example, is a massive saving when you book this package of electrical training. Almost everything that is available at Able Skills from an electrical point of view has been put into this package which exceeds the requirements of a JIB Gold Card. We do also run an Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics similar to that of construction trades.

Here are the statistics:


Here is what you have been waiting for the national annual average salaries, let's look first at the construction trades. As a sort of control or reference point when looking at these figures the average salary for a nurse is around £31,867. These are averages and not guaranteed earnings when leaving our facility...



  • Bricklayers earn £42,034;
  • Carpenters and joiners earn £41,413;
  • Plasterers earn £41,045;
  • Painters and decorators earn £34,587
  • And General construction operatives earn £32,392.



  • Plumbers earn £48,675
  • And Electricians earn £47,265.

Ready to enrol?


If you would like to get in contact with us here at Able Skills then you have a few methods of communication. Make sure that you look through our website at all of the courses we offer first then feel free to call us on 08081003245! Alternatively, you can come straight into our office here in Dartford we are located just a short 5-minute walk from the train station, our office is in the middle of our training centre in Unit 5! 

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