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Bricklayers Wanted‼️

Two-thirds of those running smaller construction firms are struggling to hire bricklayers as construction skills shortages hit a ‘record high’!


The skills shortage in construction is affecting all diffrent trades, not just bricklaying, however, bricklaying seems to be the most visibly needed! Bricklayers wages are currently soaring as the skills shortage increases.

If you already work in construction, it could be a move to jump trades for the coming years and add bricklaying to your skillset! The statistics seem ridiculous considering how much construction contributes to the GDP.

According to recent statistics, 61% of construction SMEs expect salaries and wages to increase in the next six months. It seems like the perfect time to start a career in bricklaying, the bricklaying courses we offer here at Able Skills are trusted, respected and efficient. We have no doubt that once you leave upon completion of a bricklaying course you will be able to find employment!

Want to take a Bricklaying Course?

No Experience?


If you have absolutely no experience and no previous bricklaying training, then we would recommend taking our beginners City & Guilds Certified Introduction to Bricklaying Course.  Which will give you the basics of practical bricklaying; this course is perfect for those looking to get an insight into this line of work. It will provide you with a foundation of knowledge and skills.

If you are interested in taking this course, all courses start every week and we are open every day!  

Some Experience?


Having some experience isn't going to cut it to become a professional but it's a great start! For people with some understanding but don't know more advanced techniques, you should consider our Advanced Bricklaying Course. If you have undertaken some small bricklaying jobs in the past, or you have already attended our introductory course then this is the one for you!

If you are looking to add bricklaying to your skillset but not necessarily utilise it as your main source of income, more to have it there if needed, then we run a 3-week City & Guilds Bricklaying Certificate. Say, bricklaying is only a partial area of the work that you do on a daily basis then this is a perfect choice. It will provide you with enough skill to undertake certain aspects of bricklaying work but isn't sufficient enough for somebody looking to take on bricklaying full time.

However, if you are seriously considering taking on bricklaying training full-time and you're eager to get working on site then, our City & Guilds 10-week Bricklaying Diploma Level 2 Course is perfect! Getting a qualification in a specific trade is seen highly by employers. This is an intensive course that will teach you many techniques and building methods. Additionally, you will need to complete practical assessments as well as confirming your knowledge via online and written assessments.

Experienced Professional?


5 + years of experience?


If you have been working as a professional bricklayer for more than 5 years. But you don't have any certified qualifications, then the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment route is for you!

Our NVQ Level 2 for Experienced Bricklayers is a 2-day course during which you will undertake a short profiling session, meaning you will need to provide evidence of your years of experience. Secondly, you will take on a full day assessment to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for the award.

An NVQ Level 2 for successful students will also generate you a Skilled Worker CSCS card once you arrange to sit a CSCS Health and Saftey test.

Less than 5 years of experience?


If you have been working in bricklaying for less than 5 years, but you are confident in your knowledge and ability. To achieve your NVQ Level 2 in Bricklaying, then the On-Site Assesment Training route is for you!

You will have a profiling day so that your skill level can be established. Then instead of having an assessment here at Able Skills, you will need to be assessed at your place of work. We will send a qualified Able Skills assessor.

An NVQ Level 2 for successful students will also generate you a Skilled Worker CSCS card once you arrange to sit a CSCS Health and Saftey test.


Want some more information?


If you want some more information, you can come to our centre any day of the week. We are open 7-days a week! Come into our office anytime between 8:30 - 4:30. Alternately, if you would prefer to talk to  us feel free to call us with any questions or for bookings at - 0808 100 3245