Changes to our experienced worker route for electrician courses!


Here at Able Skills we have now been back since the end of August training students through our comprehensive Electrician courses. There have been some changes in regards to the JIB Mature Candidate Route. Now called the Experienced Worker Assessment or simply EWA the changes see changes that mean both new entrants entrants and experienced workers are going to be assessed and accredited to the same industry standard. Previously this route would be for those who have worked as an electrician for typically over 5-years but have never achieved a Level 3 vocational qualification. However, now you will need to have some sort of technical formal qualification to be eligible for this route such as a City & Guilds Level 2 award. Today, we are going to take a look through how this new route works, the requirements and how to get started...


Electrician courses

Charges to our experienced worker route for electrician courses!


What do I need to do?


Before taking on this new EWA route you will need to complete a detailed self-assessment called a 'Skills Scan' that will help you to know if the route is right for you or not. This will need to be completed before you contact a training provider like Able Skills to take on the Experienced Worker Assessment through a combination of assessments and putting a portfolio together. The 'Skills Scan' as seen below is completed by either printing the document off and filling it in or you can edit it and complete it online via Acrobat Reader. Make sure that you are being completely honest when answering these questions and answering your ability from 'Unsure'' to 'Extensive'. Once you’ve completed the Skills Scan, you can contact us regarding the EWA!



Electrician courses

Changes coming to the experienced worker route for electricians!


How do I get started?


Well, once you have this document you should contact us either over the phone on 0808 100 3245 or through visiting our centre in person here in Dartford, Kent. This assessment route is designed solely for those experienced persons who are or have been working in the electrotechnical industry as a practicing electrician for a minimum of 5-years and who can demonstrate their technical knowledge, performance, and competence to the industry standards at Level 3. Candidates must be able to provide sufficient valid and authentic evidence from site of their previous work to demonstrate that they can fully meet the performance requirements within each unit of this qualification - We can provide you with a profiling pack that outlines the type of things you need to have evidence of if needed.


How does it work?


Once you are booked into this route with us , the first step will be to undertake a short profiling session with one of our NVQ Electrician assessors. During the session they will be explaining how to process for achieving an NVQ works and generally a discussion on how the entire process will work. When you are ready, you will be assessed at your workplace where Able Skills Assessors will gather documentary evidence of your competence with regards to various different aspects of an Electrical installation and test your knowledge and skills against the industry standard. Additionally, you will also need to complete an AM2 test or Achievement Measurement 2 taken here at our dedicated AM2 centre. This is a practical assessment with a short online component, taken over 16.5 hours (2.5 days).


To complete this route and to gain 'Approved Electrician' status you will need to complete any qualifications you don't have such as Level 2, Level 3, Inspection and Testing and Level 3 Inspection and Testing.This experienced worker assessment option will also enable you to sit your ECS test with Able Skills and to apply for a temporary Experienced Worker card (with Brown stripe). Please be aware that this card will be valid for 18 months and cannot be renewed. It is expected that within that 18 month period, you will achieve the NVQ in full, thus enabling you to apply for the JIB Gold Card. This option is great for those looking to gain qualification after working in the industry for some time with good knowledge and practical skills but without underpinning qualifications.


Want more information?


If you still have some questions about our Electrician courses then you can simply give a call on 0808 100 3245 - We are happy to help in any way that we can whether you want some advice or you are looking to book a course with us. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our training centre in person. In person, we can discuss the Electrician courses that are available to you, provide advice and secure your place on a course. You can also take a look around our centre so that you can see for yourself the facilities that we have and generally what to expect whilst training on Electrician courses with us. Our office is open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30!


You should know that we have accomodation available exclusively for our students. Our accomodation is available to our students for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students. All our location are within a short walking distance of our training centre that is easily accessible. If you are interested in booking accomodation for the duration of your Electrician courses make sure to contact us ahead of your courses' starting date as spaces are limited!


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