Now that we are getting a hold on the pandemic and life is returning to normal, construction demand is booming. This is great news for all tradespeople across the country. However, this record breaking workload increase in June brought with it new highs in costs, according to the latest Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI).

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In June we saw activity grow at the fastest pace since 1997. Now that construction projects are moving ahead, infrastructure development and housing targets in particular are causing huge demand for materials.  Delays in the supply for all types of materials like cement, concrete, plaster, steel, timber and roof tiles are a hurdle for the industry right now.

What's the effect on tradespeople?

Having the highest levels in demand for years is not a bad thing. It means that there is plenty of work out there for both experienced and those starting out in the industry. Currently, material shortages has led to rapid cost inflation meaning companies are paying more, around 10% more for their materials, however, the demand for construction is not going anywhere.

Earnings are only going up:

So, although there is a delay in materials right now, the future of the construction sector looks brighter than ever before! In fact, labour rates have skyrocketed in some areas in recent months, this is because demand is outstripping labour supply, and some trades are putting up their rates due to being overwhelmed with work. 

Which tradespeople are most in demand?

The industry is experiencing a skills shortage in all areas, however, electricians are in especially short supply. As the demand for new houses continues to grow and smart home installations increase, the need for businesses to invest in the next generation of electricians could not be clearer. 

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Want to learn a trade skill?

The demand for new skilled tradespeople is huge. In fact there are currently more vacancies in the industry than there ever has been. If you are looking to start a new career through a trade, we can help. Our training results in City & Guilds qualifications.

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