A construction company and one of its employees have been sentenced for health and safety failures


Here at Able Skills, we take health and safety very seriously and aim to teach our students the fundamentals no matter what course they are on. Even if it happens to be an Introduction to Bricklaying course we will inform them of the basic health and safety procedures whilst working on-site!


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Stay safe whilst working on-site!


Southwark Crown Court heard how, on 2 March 2014, during night work at a construction site in Stratford a site operative a man was struck by an excavator mounted vibrator (EMV) attached to a 35-tonne excavator that he was working in close proximity to. He had been disconnecting lifting accessories from a metal pile that had just been extracted from the ground when he was crushed against a concrete wall a short distance away. He later died from his injuries. Another site operative for the construction company who was directly next to him also faced a risk of being struck.

Subsequently, An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found the construction company which was the main contractor, failed to ensure the safety so far as is reasonably practicable of its employees and of others who were not their employees working on the site. Therefore, in this case, it was the fault of the contractor, but in many cases, it is human error and workers not knowing the correct procedure.

Bricklayers pay attention:


Bricklayers are one of the key workers on-site and will be working in all diffrent sections of the build, therefore, can come into contact with equipment and situations that could cause harm...During any of our Bricklaying courses, we try to embed a sense of awareness in our students and give them the basic understanding of safety equipment, procedures and regulations.

We offer a range of diffrent courses here at Able Skills and we hope to see you soon! Bricklaying courses here are becoming more and more popular due to the recent news that bricklayers are earning a tremendous amount at the minute due to demand because of the UK's current skills gap.

It is absolutely imperative that you stay protected and aware on-site. During our Bricklaying courses, we cannot provide you with an insight into every single situation that you could possibly come across. You will learn as you work more and more, over the years and you will be able to teach new recruits the proper and controlled way to behave when working with such risks as huge-scale equipment.

Now...if you are looking to take a Bricklaying course with us here at Able Skills, make sure you take a look through our website and find the course that is right for you because depending on your current skill level and knowledge on this trade you will need a diffrent course. Also, it depends on what you are wanting to achieve from enrolling with us; if you are simply looking to do some basic bricklaying work at home the maybe an Introduction to Bricklaying course is for you! However, if you are looking to gain a formal qualification and end up working on-site as a professional then maybe opt for one of our NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying courses! 

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