The pandemic has changed every type of industry. Admittedly, the construction industry was among the least affected, however, it has faced its share of challenges, delays and restrictions. Yet, now in 2021 construction output is as high as ever!

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This year construction output across the country is set to rise 14% with experts in the industry suggesting that this level of activity will continue to rise another 6% at the start of 2022. This is obviously great news for the industry as a whole. The sharp recovery of big infrastructure projects, the housing market and home improvements has resulted in 82% of tradespeople experiencing an earnings increase since the start of the year!

What is causing this demand?

The activity within the construction industry is being fuelled by a few different sectors. Firstly, home improvements have exploded. People have spend more time at home over the last 18-months than ever and now 66% of homeowners are in the market for home improvements ranging from a new kitchen to painting and decorating and everything in between.

The change in construction activity from February 2020 - May 2021

Another aspect contributing to the demand is housing, as the country looks to complete its targets for the year after being delayed. Additionally, huge projects and new infrastructure is back on track. Main works on HS2, Europe’s largest construction project, with offshore wind and nuclear projects are expected to be the main drivers of activity next year!

What's holding the activity back?

No matter what kind of industry you work in, COVID-19 and the difficulties of the pandemic will leave their mark. For the construction industry it is currently a materials shortage. Supplies of key building materials such as timber, steel, cement and roof tiles have been scarce for months, while prices have risen across several materials.

Unfortunately, this delay in materials will not disappear overnight, in fact, the issue is causing material costs to rise by around 10% on average. Even materials sourced within in the UK are in increasingly short supply, particularly bagged cement. 

Take control of your earnings!

Tradespeople of all kinds are needed around the entire country. What does that mean? It means that you should be making the most of the situation. 10% of tradespeople have reported that they are now fully-booked for the next 6-months. The amount of work available outweighs the amount of skilled people. Which results in huge pay increases for those with the right knowledge and qualifications.

So, the is no shortage of work out there and earnings are up? The market screams of opportunity! Now could be the perfect time to become self-employed and develop your career. You'll always benefit from upskilling but taking an NVQ, for example, in your trade could elevate your career this year.

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