Construction wins one-year delay to reverse charge VAT

What are the VAT changes?


For almost 50 years, UK suppliers have accounted for their own VAT. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use VAT payments from customers as a source of working capital before sending the funds to HMRC. It was planned that VAT cash will no longer flow between VAT-registered businesses involved in the construction industry. The UK government is rolling out a reverse charge initiative aimed at tackling fraud totalling millions of pounds per year. This is caused when suppliers or ‘subcontractors’ charge main contractors VAT but ‘disappear’ before passing sums on to HMRC.


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Construction wins a one-year delay to reverse charge VAT!




It seems at though as of today this change has been delayed until October 1st 2020 to give the construction companies time to prepare correctly for these changes so there are no unnecessary issues regarding this VAT switch.

The move to put forward a delay follows intense lobbying by the construction industry, which had warned that companies were not ready for what will be a significant change to the management of their business finances as the necessary information had not filtered through in time. This time the construction industry won and the changes will, therefore, be delayed this is good news for those companies and they will hopefully be fully prepared and ready to face the changes in the future.

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If you are looking for more information about the topic talked about throughout this article, then more information about the VAT changes and the newly imposed delay then see here.