I'm sure you have seen the signs go up around building sites announcing that they are part of a 'safe construction' scheme and there has not been any accidents or incidents for the number of days since the work commenced.

Stricter enforcement of Health & Safety Regulations has become the norm and the desire to rid the construction industry once, and for all, of bad practices, has gained upperhand. You will not even be allowed through the site door office if you do not have steel capped boots and increasingly, a protective hard hat. They will provide hi-vis vests however, in a majority of cases, but don't count on it!And if you are a plumber and are going to be welding pipes, then you should at least bring your own safety glasses or protective goggles.

What you need to be aware of is that the Government is committed to ensuring that everyone working within the construction industry, on site, is qualified and competent in Health and Safety. Many contractors are already asking for all workers on their sites to hold CSCS cards.

CSCS stands for 'Construction Services Certification Scheme', and you will need to take and pass an authorised online examination to gain your card. This applies to everyone from an entrant with no formal construction qualifications right through to a Skilled worker card once NVQ level 2 is achieved.You would need to ensure that your trade is covered by CSCS as each card will be colour coded accordingly.

Even with a company mostly working within domestic dwellings, your Terms of Employment?