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Delivery Driver Turns To Electrician Courses

Delivery Driver Turns To Electrician Courses


electrician courses Able Skills Electrician Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

Here at Able Skills, we always welcome anyone wanting to change careers to something they would enjoy more. Just recently we had a delivery driver training on the City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course, one of our many Electrician Courses, in hopes of a brighter future. Electrical student Mark Haines completed his 7 week full time course last week and hopes to launch his new career in the new year. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you guys a bit more about what made Mark turn to Electrician Training in hopes of inspiring others to finally go for the career they want.

So what made you finally turn to Electrician Training?

Well I've been working as a delivery driver for 5 years now. I originally started out just after my daughter was born as I needed a secure job to help support my wife and new born baby. I knew it would be average pay but as I say, it was only for my family. Now, my daughter is a little bit older, I think it's time to just go for a new career. I know it's a risk, but the way I see it, I need to just get the training out the way and once that's done, I can begin to look for full time work.

One of my neighbours actually inspired me to become an electrician after seeing how well he was doing. He's always got work on and has just started up working for himself. Plus, I always see him get home at decent time too!

 What didn't you like about being a delivery driver?

Well I'm not sure if you know, but being a delivery driver can be very difficult at times. What I get paid for depends on the amount of deliveries I make and sometimes traffic, people not being home amongst many other things can stitch me up. Being a family man, it can be very frustrating at times and I simply want a steady job giving me a steady and comfortable life.

Can you tell us about your time on the Level 2 Electrical Course?

Well my instructor Brian was brilliant. He's actually been working with electrics since he left school and has tonnes of experience in the real world of being an electrician. Luckily for me, he put everything into laymans terms so I could understand things better. There were a few guys already working within the industry as well as others that were completely new to the trade like me too. That gave me confidence that made me think I can definitely get through it.

How did you hear about us?

electrician Courses Able Skills Electrician Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

Through me neighbour which made me look you guys up online. I looked through your website, Feefo reviews and even saw your live videos on Facebook. It wasn't long before I turned up to be shown around and I liked what you guys offered in terms of facilities.

Having just finished, my neighbour said I can start working with him over Christmas and should it go well, I will probably stick with him even in the new year. I'm really glad I switched over from being a delivery driver and kind of wish I took the risk earlier.

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