So you have decided ( naturally!) that AbleSkills are the training centre for you. But you live a long way from the centre and commuting is just not going to be an option.

The problem is not uncommon and AbleSkills have the answer - we provide you with nearby accommodation whilst you are training!And not a grubby, dingy lodging or downmarket BB!

In fact it's a modern, purpose built detached house, providing you with your own fully furnished room, washing facilities, TV, bathroom/WC, as well as a fully fitted kitchen and a dining area to eat and/or meet your fellow students! There's even an allocated private parking space.

It's truly doubtful whether any other training centre would go to such lengths to ensure their students time away from home is such an enjoyable and comfortable experience. AbleSkills employs someone to maintain the property on a regular basis and also to ensure that the property is kept clean, and is being looked after by those staying. That means all the amenities are working all the time.

So basically, all your worries are taken care of, leaving you to just focus on your daily training at the centre. What more could anyone ask for than to leave the centre at the end of a great learning day, a few minutes later you're back at the house for a hot shower, the kettle brewing up and your favourite female TV presenter on the telly!