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How much can you earn as a Plumber?

If you are looking to go into a new career, one of the first things you will usually look at is how much you can possibly earn. With lots of people looking to learn a trade, especially as Plumbers, people are wondering how much they can earn.

With a high demand for Plumbers across the UK, people have seen that a lot of money can be made as a fully qualified Plumber. Depending on experience and qualifications earnings can be different and how much work you have.

Some more experienced Plumbers that have additional qualifications such as Gas Safe, will earn more compared to newly qualified Plumbers. It has been rumoured that some Plumbers could earn up to £100,000. Some beginners and apprentices can earn around £13,000.

earn as a plumber You can now earn up to £100,000 as a qualified Plumber.

Being a Plumber isn’t as glamorous as some jobs, however, it is a career that will also have work available and you can earn a lot of money from it. People from all ages learn to become Plumbers as they know how great of a career it can be.

Here at Able Skills, we have students all year-round training with us as they look to start a career as a Plumber. People come to us from all walks of life to start fresh with a new career. They all begin with the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course and many of them eventually move onto their Gas Safety training as they look to offer even more work.

Getting a City & Guilds qualification is vital as it is well recognised in the industry. We offer this course in various training option and packages.

Firstly, we offer the standard six-week training course that is a mix of theory and practical training with online exams and practical assessments. This is without doubt our most popular plumbing training option. We also offer this as a weekend training option, this is perfect for people that need to fit their training around their everyday lives.

Alternatively, we also offer a home study learning option for the City & Guilds level 2 course. This option has become extremely popular over the last two years due to the flexibility it offers. All theory work is completed in your own time and then you will complete four weeks of practical training and exams.

We also offer a training package that includes the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course and the Gas training course. This will give you much more skills and will enable you to get more work and increase how much you can earn.

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