Electrical Courses - Importance of Inspecting and Testing


electrical coursesSomething you haven't read about recently? How about the importance of Inspection and Testing - one of the several Electrical Courses we teach our students here at Able Skills. Now you may have heard about Inspection and Testing when you moved into your new home perhaps as this is a very popular example of when you need to find someone who is competent in such field. Today we'll talk more about what this form of Electrician Training entails, why it's important and what it applies to.

So what is Inspection and Testing?

Inspection and Testing refers to professionally installing and carrying out initial verification and periodic inspection and testing on electrical installations. Whether it be through verifying if new installation work is considered safe, to assessing the ongoing safety of them too is what such skills involves.

How Inspection and Testing helps reduce electrical hazards

The Electrical Safety Foundation reported that in 2016, there were 154 electrical fatalities which is 154 more fatalities than what should have occurred. Interestingly enough, this reflected a 15% increase when compared to 2015. But why did they occur? Perhaps such appliances had not been inspected and tested for public safety. Public safety is simply the heart of such electrical courses like Inspection and Testing.

The ESFI also reported ‘exposure to electric current increased one place to sixth on the list of occupational exposures leading to fatal on-the-job injury, trading places with aircraft fatalities. Once again, electrocutions constituted the vast majority of electrical fatalities while electrical burns of all degrees were responsible for four fatalities’. Able Skills aim to help counter act such statistics through Electrician Training.

What should be tested and how can I learn?

electrical courses

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Well, everything electrical. Yes, upon reflection this does make sense due to the fact that an electric current is what powers electrical appliances which can cause serious danger as stated above. Electrical appliances and components which are used the most and on a regular basis is what needs to be inspected and tested. From domestic to commercial properties, there re always appliances that are used regularly and even on occasions. To make sure we keep ourselves and those around us safe, we must look to have such electrical appliances inspected and tested

The Level 3 Award In Inspection and Testing is City & Guilds Accredited and boasts great importance when seeking to progress as an electrician. This 2391 course is designed to develop your career in the following two learning stages:

Step 1: Initial Verification

Step 2: Periodic Inspection and Testing

The difference between the two stages are as follows. The Initial Verification stage involves teaching students how to verify the safety of new installation work and with the latter focusing on how we can ensure the same installations remain safe too.

If you would like to find out more on how to enhance your electrical career with Inspection and Testing, please click here. Please note there is a Weekend Inspection and Testing Course too and if you're looking to carry out electrical installations, the 18th edition is something you'll also need!