Expand your knowledge and skill-set with Electrician courses!


Already a working electrician? We know that electricians are often looking to further develop their skillset and refresh their knowledge. Here at Able Skills, we have worked hard over the last month to ensure that we can provide training with social distancing in place that is reliable and safe for both our students and staff. We have been teaching Electrician courses for many years and have instructors in place to help at every level from starting out to working electricians looking to gain some more advanced skills and understanding of the trade.


Electrician courses

Expand your knowledge and skill-set with Electrician courses!


What would be additional training?


For example, our Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing is for the more advanced electrician. This course is aimed at practising electricians who have not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying or who require some update of training. This advanced course is taught over a period of 6-days and will help you to further understand initial verification and periodic inspection and testing on electrical installations. The instructor will go through everything that you will be expected to know about Inspection and Testing on both new and existing installations. This particular course is all theory-based learning in a classroom setting.


Additionally, as a working electrician, you may want to confirm your ability and have something that solidifies your ability in the trade. This can be achieved through something such as an NVQ! If you are working as an Electrician and looking towards achieving a National Vocational Qualification then know that Able Skills can provide you with all aspects of the NVQ. What is an NVQ? Well, it is a qualification that proves your competency working on-site. NVQ Level 3 is not a training course; it is an assessment of your competence and is mandatory for those of you who require JIB Gold Card status.


The NVQ is achieved via work/site-based assessment and portfolio building and AM2. Full support and guidance from an Able Skills NVQ Assessor will be provided and readily available throughout. We cannot complete an NVQ here at the centre in Dartford, Kent that is illegal. Instead, we will send an instructor to your place of work on multiple occasions to judge your competency against the industry standard.


What is Gold Card status?


This simply means that you have achieved the highest level of ECS card. The card shows a photo ID of yourself and proves your identity, on-site occupation and your qualified status. Once you have your ECS card, whatever the level, you will ultimately gain more experience on-site and therefore be able to gradually move up levels to a different qualified status. Gaining the highest-level 'Gold card' means that you are fully qualified as an electrician, the card certifies that the holder can work unsupervised on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of appliances, installations and so on.


electrical courses

Here is an example of an ECS Gold Card!


Is the centre safe to attend?


We have worked very hard to ensure that we are providing a reliable and safe centre. To ensure this we have been chemically fogging the centre on weekends to make sure that we are deep cleaning the whole centre. We are reducing the number of students at the centre at any given time and separating all students into separate bays or workstations to keep the 2-metre rule in full effect. We are also providing all materials and tools separate to our students as well as making sure students are wearing face coverings. We take this pandemic seriously and at the same time, we also don't want to slow down the process for our students. It is important that we continue to produce quality electricians and expand the knowledge of experienced traders.


Additional Information:


Feel free to give us a call on 0808 100 3245. We are happy to have a conversation about the entire range of courses that we offer and what would work best for what you are trying to achieve. Currently, we are providing training 7-days a week after re-opening. Plumbing causes, Bricklaying courses, Gas courses and Electrician courses are back in full-swing in a controlled manner with the rest of the construction trades returning on August 3rd!


We have our own accommodation which is available on a room only basis and is located only 5 minutes from the Training Centre. The Accommodation is owned by Able Skills and will only ever be used by our students; the property also has a large car park so, for any of our visitors who are considering driving to us, vehicles can be left there quite safely.


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