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Tiling courses

Feedback on our Tiling courses!

Thinking about tiling as a profession? Here at Able Skills, we are proud of our tiling centre, instructors and the feedback that we receive about the Tiling courses we offer. Tiling is a great trade to take up if you are looking to become self-employed! We have a range of courses that can take you from novice to expert...


Tiling is a career that, despite popular opinion, is not just for builders, painters and decorators, neither is it unsuitable for women. In fact, people go into tiling from a range of different working backgrounds and there are many successful and well-established female tilers, as well as tilers who have work backgrounds that are completely disassociated with the tiling industry! We have a lot of different trades here, one of the most highly rated by students is tiling, we have great tiling facilities where you can learn, grow and progress through a number of qualifications on your way to becoming a professional! Check out our available courses:

We currently have 2 instructors here at Able Skills for tiling.

Reviews - Tiling courses:

J Da Silva Lobo

“Keith was a very professional, knowledgeable tutor and explained all sections very well. He was happy to answer any questions and gave great tips and advice. He clearly has experience in this trade and he for sure improved my overall knowledge, I feel I’ve made massive progress throughout the week!”

Overall Rating – Excellent

P Reardon

“Keith was very helpful and patient with me, had a very professional attitude and obviously knew a lot about his trade from 40 years working in the industry, I’m very pleased with the experience.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

A A. Uyoue

“I am happy with the course that I attended, it really made me feel better about the content of the course, the instructors are wonderful people.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

M Cassar

“The tutor was very helpful and kept pointing me in the right direction and answered any and all of my questions, and queries I’ve had were resolved instantly.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

P Owseye

“Keith was a legend! Top guy, a great understanding of the course and I’ll see him again when I pursue this trade further.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

J Messenger

“Well run course and was a great help to my understanding of tiling in general and helped to be confident in tiling.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

T Stabler

“Instructors were always on hands to answer any questions. Doing the longer course gives you the confidence to tile any type of surface using and type of tile.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

C Harries

“Very enjoyable, definitely learn a lot of new skills, tutors are very knowledgable and helpful.”

Overall Rating – Excellent


More information:

If you want some more information about any of these Tiling courses, you can come to our centre. We are open 7-days a week! Come into our office anytime between 8:30 - 4:30. Or, if you would prefer to talk to  us feel free to call us with any questions or for booking one of the Plumbing courses or any other training at - 0808 100 3245