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Gas Training, here at Able Skills we have a variety of diffrent gas courses that can set you on the right path towards becoming a professional gas engineer. If you are already a gas engineer but you require an ACS assessment and so on, we've got you covered! No matter what you are looking to do after the course we have the help and guidance that you need. Whether that means looking to work for a company as a gas engineer or you are looking to start your own company, we have two instructors with years of experience in the trade who can give you a great start in the industry!

Use our instructors' knowledge and ask as many questions as you would like... it's their job to guide you and help you to achieve your goals. We want to produce top quality gas engineers so that the future is bright for the industry, workers who are knowledgable, dependable and 'gas safe registered'.

The next step after completing one of our gas courses would be Gas Safe Registration. This is a necessary test of your competence so that you can prove that you understand all the safety requirements in place whilst working with gas. Before this takes place however you will need to build a portfolio by working alongside a gas engineer who is registered. We cannot lead the way in terms of future-proofing the gas network but we can future proof the workers by making sure they are adaptable, consistent and registered.


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Gas Training Courses at Able Skills include hands-on practical work


What's the problem with our current system?


Gas now heats about 85% of homes, while the heating and hot water for buildings use 40% of energy and produces 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. But the UK is shifting towards a low carbon future that can’t be achieved if the current reliance on natural gas continues. The whole world is looking at global warming as a reality and trying to plan for this new world.

What is the alternative?


The big question is, what is the alternative? So, the continued use of gas is a matter of debate. Government advisors have already recommended that new homes shouldn’t be connected to the grid as of 2025. So, the continued use of gas is a matter of debate. Government advisors have already recommended that new homes shouldn’t be connected to the grid as of 2025. These alternatives are likely to be from low carbon, sustainable, renewable sources, such as biomethane, Bio-SNG and hydrogen. Obviously because of the impending effects of using our current systems.

Biomethane is a renewable energy source derived from agricultural biomass (dedicated crops, by-products and agricultural waste and animal waste), agro-industrial (waste from the food processing chain) and the Organic Fraction Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW). Bio-SNG is produced by gasification of cellulosic materials (e.g. forestry residues, energy crops)

Gas Training?


No matter what the future holds for gas networks as a whole, whether we opt for greener alternatives or whatever it is the fact remains that gas engineers will always be needed. They are essential in terms of residential gas. If you are looking to take on some training in the world of gas then look no further we have a variety of gas courses to turn you from a novice to a professional! We offer 6 different Gas training packages here at Able Skills, for both Qualified Plumbers and New Entrants.

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Want some more information?


If you would like some more information surrounding becoming a gas engineer then check our website and take a look at the information surrounding our gas courses! You can also email info@ableskills.co.uk. Call 08081003245 for bookings and information. Or, you can come straight down to our office in person we will be happy to show you around and help you in whatever way we can.