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Another Gas group ready for their Portfolio Placement

portfolio placementFor over a year now we have been using Boiler Medic as a portfolio placement for our gas students to go out and complete their portfolios. John, the owner of Boiler Medic completed all his training at Able Skills and is now successfully running Boiler Medic and is taking our students out to get their portfolios completed.

This allows us to offer a guaranteed portfolio placement to our students that choose to come and complete their gas training with us at Able Skills. It has proven to be a huge success as students previously may have found it hard to get a placement that will allow them to complete a portfolio.

Along with our new revamped courses, we believe that our gas courses are better than ever before and the level of students coming out of our centre is extremely high.

Today has seen the end of another New Entrants Gas course here at Able Skills and all the group have done extremely well with the majority of them now going out with John to complete their portfolios. Just before they all finished we caught up with two students from the group to see how they found the course.

Firstly, we have Aldijan who was previous a Skilled Labourer but decided it was time for a change and a chance to earn more money in a better career. He came to the centre a few times to have a look around and decided it was the exact place he wanted to train. Aldijan was not left disappointed, he described the course as ‘perfect’. He will be completing his portfolio placement with Boiler Medic and is already planning to go out with him next week.

Next, we have Ali, who has thoroughly enjoyed his training with us. Having gone to other centres to look around, he told us that Able Skills was the only centre that impressed him and he knew it was the place for him. After coming to look around and the reviews he saw online, he booked straight away and is now extremely happy he chose to do so. He is also going out with Boiler Medic next week to begin his portfolio.

Here is clip from this afternoon as John from Boiler Medic gives a portfolio placement talk to this group. Watch here:

Another successful gas course here at Able Skills with a group of extremely happy students. If you would like to join them in starting a new career in the gas industry, contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information. Also, just like Aldijan and Ali did you can come and visit our centre at any time to have a look around our centre.