Gas training courses available in 2021!


Here at our training centre in Dartford, Kent we are back to providing Gas training courses and a range of other training  at a social distance. We have implemented a lot of changes to ensure that we are providing a space for people to learn that is both safe and reliable for students and staff. We are now looking ahead to the new year. You can get started working towards a new career as a Gas Engineer with our help, no experience needed, our gas packages are designed specifically with new entrants in mind aiming to get you started learning the trade from scratch. Today, we are going to look at how this process works and how to get involved yourself...



Where do I start?


To make the process of training as simple as possible, we have put all of the training elements a new entrant needs into convenient packages. For example, our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 includes an initial 7-weeks of training, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment. All of which are needed to pursue Gas Safe Registration, which is a legal requirement here in the UK.


The training that you will receive during those initial 7-weeks will be a mix of both classroom-based theory lessons and out in the workshop practical experience. You'll be taught by our talented instructors who have years of experience both out in the industry working the trade and experience teaching. They know how to take a students from very little knowledge to being prepared for real world work. You can ask questions and seek help at any time, our instructors are happy to help and they can convey the lessons they personally learnt when starting out themselves.


When can I start?


We have seen a huge demand in training recently, it seems that the construction and technical trade industries resilience during this pandemic have seen people becoming more  interested in learning trade skills. However, you can get started on our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 starting from the 8th of March 2021! You can secure your place on this course by either calling 0808 100 3245 or coming into our centre in person.


That also goes for the New Entrant Gas Training Package 3 - This version includes 7-weeks of training, portfolio completion, ACS and also additionally includes a short Boiler Fault Finding course which aims to give you a more detailed look at boiler service, repair and maintenance. Again this course starts from the 8th of March 2021! You can also apply for courses online take a look below for the current availability...




Contact us:


For more information about our range of Gas courses give us a call on 0808 100 3245 - Over the phone we can help you decide on the right course that fits your personal career goals, provide advice and secure your place onto a course. You are also welcome to visit our centre in person, no need for an appointment, you can come and speak with a member of staff unannounced. In person we can answer any questions you have and even show you around our centre so that you can see for yourself the great work that we do here. We are open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 


If you live outside of the local area you may be thinking about securing accommodation here in Dartford, Kent for the duration of your gas training courses. You should know that we offer our own accomodation to our students located just a short walking distance from our centre that can be booked for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! - If you are interested make sure to contact us ahead of your courses' starting date as spaces are limited! 



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