Before handing our hard earned money over, we always aim to find out more about the company we wish to go with. ‘Oh I haven’t heard of them’, or ‘Yes they are great’ are common things we hear after asking those around us for their opinion. We all want a service that suits our needs and goes beyond our expectations. We may turn to the internet to gain more insight into a company and discover they have excellent reviews on their website. It is here where customers must take a deeper look and realise how increasingly common it has become for businesses to create a false impression of how the company is really run. More and more companies now falsify their reviews and avoid sites like Feefo and Trust Pilot thus forcing us to ask how do we find out the truth? Read on and allow us to explain the importance of independent review sites and why Able Skills decided to have one!

Independent reviews are the future!

There are so many companies out there who have worked hard for several years all to have a competitor pop up and have their genuine reviews overlooked by fake feedback. It is well worth taking a moment longer and finding out if the reviews have come from an independent review website or if they have just made up their own. Feefo recognises us as a company who offer such high quality training courses, they awarded us the ‘Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2018.

What does this mean I hear you ask?

This means we let our customers do the talking and if they choose to do so, leave us feedback that is second to none: ' Well structured courses ’, ' Best course and great place to learn with all hands on practical teaching ' , ' Great course give these a try ' , ' A well tailored course and decently priced too. Very competitive '

These are genuine statements from customers who have attended a variety of training courses with Able Skills. All our feedback is honest and has come from the students themselves! If a customer isn’t happy, this is their opportunity to say so from the comfort of their own home and without us breathing down their necks to write a glowing report of their experience with us. We can’t please everyone all of the time however we really do try and if we get it wrong, it is platforms like Feefo that will help us improve.

We believe if a company is not using independent review sites such as Feefo, the chances are they’re not overly confident in their product! If the reviews found on their website sound too good to be true and seem highly exaggerated, chances are, they are not genuine! Independent review sites help solve this problem as the reviews are not controlled by the company selling the product.

Word of mouth can remains an important factor as we can always trust the opinion of those around us. Able Skills is not only the market leader in providing construction training courses, but what we offer boasts accredited qualification training from City & Guilds, EAL and BPEC. If you have an interest in our various electrical courses, please be aware that we are an IET Centre of Excellence too.

We are amongst the few training providers who can take you from novice to expert across a variety of trades, whether it be through an electrical, plumbing or gas course, or even one of our many construction courses available at our centre. Feel free to check our independent reviews too by clicking here.

We do not have a sales team and never pressure any future students to choose us.  To re-enforce how confident we are with the courses we offer, we operate on an open house policy. This allows anyone to pop down and view the facilities without the need to pre-book. Just turn up, Monday to Sunday (08.30 – 16.30) and we’ll be more than happy to show you around.