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Strand Palace Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in central London and for the past 3-years has undergone a huge transformation in terms of their plumbing and heating systems...Running parallel to the River Thames and connecting Westminster to the City, The Strand is not only an iconic street in London but also houses Strand Palace. Originally built in 1907 and steeped in history, Strand Palace contains original art-deco interiors that are so iconic that parts of the hotel are now owned by the V&A Museum. Projects like this are great to become involved with when working as a professional in the trade plumbing & gas and is a break from the normal for most tradesmen and women. You too could be working on prestigious projects such as this with the help of Able Skills Plumbing courses & Gas courses! 


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Strand Palace Hotel, London.


Uniting the advantages of both metal and plastic pipe, MLCP has been designed to contain five layers which are permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers, using a special welding technique for high reliability. The result is a pipe which is oxygen diffusion tight, corrosion-resistant, and has a heat expansion similar to metal pipes, further safeguarding the hotel against any potential leaks.


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If the trade of plumbing is for you, but you have little to on experience on the subject then we would recommend that you first take on our Introduction to Plumbing course as it will provide you will the fundamentals, an opportunity to know if the trade is something you could turn into a career and will prevent you from falling behind if you were to take on a City & Guilds qualification with little knowledge and or practical know-how.


You already have some experience? If you already have completed our introduction course or just have some experienced from doing some work at home and so on and you are confident in the very basics then you should be looking at our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course - If you want to become a qualified Plumber then this industry recognised entry level 2 will be your starting point. You will start with the very basics and progress to a comprehensive understanding of domestic plumbing covering both theory and practical to enable you to work successfully as a Plumber. - We have spaces available for this course starting in April, June & August! 


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Looking to become a Gas Engineer can be a daunting task, however we have made it as simple as possible by putting all of the necessary aspects into packages... New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 is the ultimate package as it includes all of the factors needed to prepare for Gas Safe Registration, these are 7-weeks of hand-on learning both practical and theory based, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment. Today we will be looking at some feedback given to us by students last year! - We have spaces available starting in both April & June this year!


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If you live a fair distance from our facility then please be aware that we do have accommodation available exclusively to our students for the reasonable price of £20 per night! Located here in Dartford just a short walk away from our training centre. - Contact us well ahead of your course's start date as spaces are for accommodation are limited.


Plumbing courses

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