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Great Recognition for females in construction!

Here at Able Skills we see students across all walks of life from literally around the globe to come and train with us. If there’s one thing we love to see, its people following their passion no matter what may stand in their way. Stereotypes are merely all in the mind and we encourage a learning system that enables students to become who they enrolled to be.

With that said, how many of us can honestly say we’re ready to break down boundaries to get what we want? How many of us for example, would like to see more females solidify their place within the construction industry?

'She believed she could so she did'

Whilst on the topic of stereotypes, new research states that 77% of women say they have never been encouraged to pick up their tools and join trades that are traditionally seen as industries for men. Such statistic forces us to ask why this is the case and who’s to blame for such statistics? Or is there anyone to blame at all? Either way, a new survey shows that a huge 88% of Brits want to see more women take on more roles in the construction industry.

With such a huge number forcing us to ask why this is the case, 84% of women said they haven’t previously had any interest in doing so. Come on ladies! Such jobs have proved to be financially rewarding as we have previously stated! As Able Skills have pushed for more female students, we have definitely seen an increase of woman at our training centre in Dartford studying towards the various courses we offer.


Women in Electrical Here is Netti back in 2015 during here Level 3 Course

To the 72% of Brits who said they have never seen a woman working in construction… Things may be about to change.

The shortage of females, as well as skills in the industry may be coming to a halt as over a third of women aged between 25 and 34 consider such work as a genuine option they would consider.

Here are some more interesting facts of the survey, which can be seen featured on The Sun

Of the 2,000 people across the UK surveyed on behalf of Able Skills 31% said they would trust a female worker more to give them the best and fairest price compared to just 14% who would trust a man more.

gas courses

Both men and women shared doubts about entering a job market traditionally seen as the preserve of the opposite sex.

Forty-three per cent of men and 42% of women said they would have reservations, with 46% fearing they would not be taken seriously, 39% worried about prejudice and 38% feeling intimidated.

Gary Measures, Managing Director of Able Skills: “The public want to see more women in the construction trades industry and trust them to deliver a good job.

"We really want to encourage more females to consider a career in construction trades and are really pleased to see that the younger generations may break down some of the stereotype barriers.”



internationalAble Skills are proud to cater for such ladies wanting to work in such trades but more importantly, not letting stereotypes get in the way of what they want to do. The courses on offer to everyone are as follows:

Electrician Plumbing Gas Plastering
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