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Having Trouble Finding A Company To Do Your Gas Portfolio With?

gas courses Able Skills Gas Courses are Bpec Approved

Don't stress, we may have found the answer! Able Skills partnered with Boiler Medic who take you guys out on site to get your Gas Portfolio complete! Before registering with the Gas Safe Register as a competent Gas Engineer, you must successfully pass your ACS Exams which you can do at our centre and to give an extra hand to really kick start your career in the industry, you're more than welcome to enroll onto Boiler Medic's gas portfolio plan!

This comes as very handy as we know that not everyone know's a company to get their portfolio placement with. From what has been a long and loyal service, Boiler Medic partnered with Able Skills due to the facilities we offer our students as well as the course material giving students a true reflection of what they can expect out in the real world.

We've helped alot of students who struggled to find a company by guaranteeing them a placement with Boiler Medic. We don't only offer the relevant Gas Training Courses to prepare students, but we care about you guys even after you've trained with us!

Please watch the above video for a glimpse of what you can expect on a portfolio placement with Boiler Medic! For more information, please get in touch with Boiler Medic on 01708 725068 and for more information on our Gas Courses, please click here.