Hazard App that is making work on-site safety easier for construction workers!


A new App that shows potential dangers at building sites could save the lives of construction workers has just launched. Let's go over some of the features and see if it's work downloading. Other on-site management Apps do already exist, but none are solely focused on the health & safety side, which this App is trying to nail down.

The research that went into developing the application was given £102,800 in funding from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The App itself contains a database of potentially hazardous scenarios, with pictures and videos, which architects and designers can use to improve their own plans. The advantage of people working on-site being able to upload a hazard instantly is unmatched. Simply take a picture and upload it so that everyone else is made aware of the danger!


Hazard App that is making work on-site safety easier for construction workers!


The technology was developed by a team of researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University. The App hopes to prevent accidents from happening in the first place, rather than reduce the injury.

Health & Saftey at Able Skills:


At Able Skills, no matter which course you are taking, you will be taught the basic health & safety rules and regulations of each. There are many elements of keeping safe, depending on the trade, for example in carpentry it is essential to be aware of the risks when using cutting tools and so on.

It is often as the aspect that is overlooked by being those just getting into the industry and those are possibly the people most at risk! Don't be misinformed. Don't land yourself in debt or in a troublesome situation because of an incident that you caused not knowing the right health & safety procedures. Train here at Able Skills and get the proper training for the safety of yourself and others, and use this new hazard App to warn those of potential risk when working on-site, simple!

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