There is nothing like a good summer. All of the warm weather and sunshine allows us to spend more time outside soaking up good times with friends and family as restrictions are lifted. Summer can also mean unnecessary extra spending especially when it comes to electrical bills for many people. Today we are going to look at some simple ways to reduce you bills this summertime!

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Switch from Incandescent Lights to LED:

Making a simple switch from incandescent lights to compact fluorescent lights can make a big difference in how warm a space feels. Incandescent light bulbs waste almost 90% of their energy as emitted heat. Not only will switching out your light bulbs cool your home but it will also help to reduce your electricity bill.

Don't forget to turn them off:

This one is so simple but so easily forgotten. Remembering to turn off those newly installed fluorescent lights when nobody is using them makes a huge difference. This goes for all the electrical appliances within your home. It's easily done and adds up quickly!

Lighting accounts for about 15% of a typical household’s electricity bill, so upgrading your lights by replacing them with energy efficient LED light bulbs can help reduce your monthly bills and could save you up to £40 a year.

Try to make use of the natural light throughout the day and reduce unnecessary use. During the summer you could even go old-school and put up a clothesline in the back garden to reduce the amount of times you are using your tumble dryer and or heated towel rail.

Smart home devices:

By installing a smart meter in your home, you’ll benefit from automatic meter readings. Yes, you read that correctly! You don't have to mess around with sending off manual meter readings every month. They are great at giving you a clear idea of how much a day costs within your home and you can monitor changes. Wave goodbye to estimated bills!

Energy efficient appliances:

Many of the appliances within your home waste energy. It may be time to invest in some efficient appliances. Obviously this will cost you but will save you money in years to come. Do a little research online or have a look in shops.

electrician courses

For example, nowadays new fridges and freezers have an energy label, rating it from A+ (the least efficient, but still pretty good), up to A+++ for the most energy-efficient models.

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