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Here at Able Skills, we run a variety of diffrent Electrician courses ranging from Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics all the way to 18th Edition wiring regulations. We also run AM2 courses which are a reliable and trusted guarantee of safe, high-quality workmanship for the electrotechnical industry and is highly valued by employers, who regard it as evidence of competence for an electrician, therefore for guaranteed work and respect it is a necessary course for all professional electricians.


Electrician courses

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What is the AM2?


The AM2 is a test that is industry recognised and controlled by the National Electrotechnical Training (NET) Organisation in conjunction with the Joint Industry Board (JIB) and Summit Skills who are currently the Sector Skills Council for the Electrotechnical Industry. The test is partly a practical assessment and also consists of a short online section. During the practical section, candidates will undertake a series of timed tasks in specially equipped booths containing typical electrical installation wiring systems. The exercises include installation, inspection and testing and fault-finding and the work must comply with the current IEE Wiring Regulations and be carried out in line with Health & Safety best practice.

Course Details & Options:


The AM2 competence assessment comprises four sections A – D
(Section A is split into two distinct parts):

  • A1 Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment (1 hour)
  • A Composite Installation (8.5 hours)
  • B Inspection and Testing (3.5 hours)
  • C Fault Diagnosis (2.5 hours)
  • D Assessment of Applied Knowledge (1 hour)
Electrician courses

The AM2 competence assessment comprises four sections A – D.


There is also a preliminary Electrical course, for those who would like to get a refresher of sorts in terms of enhancing your existing practical skills and theoretical knowledge in preparation for the AM2. The Pre AM2 training Electrical course is a 1-day course that packs in a lot of useful information and quick-fire training.

Here at Able Skills, we also run Inspection & Testing courses if you haven't previously gained a certificate in this area or you haven't touched on it in a while this may also be a good Electrician course to take preemptively before taking on an AM2 test! Check out more information and available spaces for this 5-day course on our website.

Contact Us:


If you would like to contact us about enrolling on an AM2 course then you have a few options, the fastest method of contact would be to call us during opening hours (8:30-16:30) on 08081003245! If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff in person then feel free to come down to our office we will show you around our facilities and answer any questions. We are based in Dartford just a short walk away from the train station.