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Lads Pranks: Cling Film, Lost Clothes & Flying Kittens

Welcome to your fortnightly fix of pranks, japes, laddy shenanigans and just plain daft nonsense from Able Skills. Just don’t try any of these in your next carpentry or bricklaying class, OK?

1. The Cling Film Prank

This old chestnut will take a substantial investment in tim and a hell of a lot of cling film to complete. Good for the environment? Probably not. Worth the look on your mate’s face when he gets home to find his entire life individually wrapped in cling film? Almost certainly.

Sometimes the most moronic japes are the true annoying classics. Skip to 3:10 for the housemate’s reaction (complete with some understandably foul language – just in case there are young, impressionable ears around).

2. Sneezing Girls Clothes Off

This prank has something for every man: attractive semi naked women and the half-stunned, half-joyous expression on unsuspecting bypassers’ faces when they realize what has happened.
If you want to pull this prank yourself, you’re probably going to need to wait until the Great British weather warms up, and you’re probably going to have to buy your girlfriend a full spa day in return. Equipment-wise, a couple of sarongs attached to invisible string are as high-tech as it gets.

3. Throwing Kittens

Here’s a prank that will upset every kitten lover ever. The set up is pretty simple (as long as you have a litter of adorable fluffy kittens to hand). Once passers by pick up the little cuties, an outrider throws a water balloon into the mix. The kitten owner then retaliates by throwing a (fake) kitten from the cage. The responses are even funnier than you’re expecting.

Have you seen any good pranks recently which you’d like to share with our readers? Why not tell us about the funniest prank you’ve ever pulled or the worst prank you’ve ever been the victim of? Leave a comment for our readers below to get involved & come back next fortnight for more chuckle-inducing pranks.