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Lads Pranks: Living Mattresses & iPhone Annoyances

Hello pranksters and tricksters, this fortnight we’re serving up another seriously silly selection of japes that will get you chuckling – and into all kinds of trouble. From passers by terrified by a living, screaming mattress, to sleepy pupils humiliated in class; this round up of excellent pranks has got something for everyone, whether you want to prank your mum or your iPhone addicted best mate…

1. The Living Mattress

There are a few fears which are pretty common. Clowns, heights, spiders, lifts – but these poor passers by are probably going to have to come to terms with an entirely new phobia after tricksters pulled this savage prank. A profound fear of mattresses. The reactions to this are phenomenal. The woman at 01:02 is priceless.

2. The “Don’t Fall Asleep in Class”

This is one the Able Skills tutors are definitely going to try next time a student takes an unscheduled nap in a class. Classic.

3. The Chase

A top prank to pull on anyone in your life who suffers from over-active imagination, whether that’s your best mate or your younger brother. This bloke’s going to drive his mother to an early grave – if she doesn’t drive herself there first.

4. The Phone Impersonator

Are you good at impersonations? If so, this is the prank for you, especially if you’ve got a mate who can’t leave their iPhone alone. Learn these notification noises and drive any iPhone user you know completely insane.

What was your latest pranking triumph? Have any of your mates got one over on you lately? Share your shame & give us your best gags in the comments section below.