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Lads Pranks: Pregnancy Scares, Crazy Apps & Air Horns

Welcome to your twice-monthly dose of derring do mixed with just plain silly stuff. That’s right, it’s time for a juicy pile of pranks! This fortnight watch a schoolgirl fake a pregnancy scare, a smartphone salesman bewilder customers with a magical app and find out how to pull a classic air horn prank.

1. It’s A Girl!

As far an intense awkwardness goes, this prank played by US students on their teacher is out of this world. It may have been done as an April  Fools gag, but, with a little imagination, we reckon you could turn this into an absolute corker for one of your mates.

All that you need to orchestrate is a girlfriend accidentally using speakerphone and a willing accomplice with a convincing script at the other end of the line. Perfect for your mate who thinks he’s a bit of a player, or anyone in a new relationship. Cruel? Maybe. Hilarious? For sure.

2. The Ultimate App

OK, so this prank you definitely can’t pull of yourself. But that’s OK, you can still enjoy watching other people fall for this incredibly elaborate hoax. “Let’s open all the cars!” says one victim. But wait for it, because this miraculous app has a dark and dangerous twist…Yes it’s a promotion for a video game. Who cares? It’s pretty much stone cold awesome.

3. The Air Siren Classic

And here’s one you most definitely can do at home. Or at work. Or at the pub. Or, well, anywhere you won’t get in too much trouble. If you get your kicks scaring the bejesus out of people you know, this classic prank is a sure fire winner. And its beautifully simple too…

All you’ll need to make this beauty work is some gaffa tape (we’ll bet you have plenty in your toolbox), a conveniently placed door, an unsuspecting pal who’s up for a laugh and, you guessed it, an air horn (you can buy them pretty much anywhere online). The mechanics are simple. The results are hilarious.

Have you been gotten good lately? Perhaps you have a fiendish prank you’re planning to pull on your mate? Why not tell us all about it? Share your naughty moments with our readers below – and come back next fortnight for more prank inspiration!