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Lads Pranks: Wake Up Pranks & Terrible Christmas Presents

Season’s Greetings tradespeople and tricksters! It’s time for another batch of pranks and gags, all designed to make you laugh like a drain at someone else’s expense. This fortnight we’ll be sharing a whole reel of wake up pranks, an “intelligent” Norwegian elevator and some very angry children.

1. The Wake Up Prank Compilation

With the festive season well and truly upon us, chances are you’re going to either be or have house guests at some point over Christmas. And when you do, the stage is perfectly set for a whole banquet of wake up pranks. We’ve shared a compilation of cruel and creative ways to wake your mates up, all totally unnecessary, all pretty hilarious.

Whether your buddy falls asleep in front of the Queen’s speech or your brother has an annoyingly long lie in on Christmas morning, these techniques will have your nearest and dearest up’n’at’em in no time.
• What’s the funniest way you’ve ever woken someone up? Share your japes with our readers below.

2. The Intellivator

Meet: The Intellivator. The Norwegian elevator with its very own brand of “artificial” intelligence. This is a prank you would need an extremely big budget to pull off, but we thought you’d enjoy it anyway. “Please select: Regular elevator or Quiz elevator.”!

3. “I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present”

If you have a bit of an evil streak, these amazing Christmas pranks are going to be right up your street. These parents surprised their kids with an early Christmas present. Except, instead of a nice present, these lucky little elves received the worst gifts EVER. From black bananas and half eaten sandwiches, to old batteries and an onion, all of these Christmas gifts really suck: “You stinking parents!”.

We wouldn’t recommend pulling this stunt with your children on Christmas day but, if your youngsters are pretty resilient, their reactions to this simple prank are absolutely priceless.
Would you consider pranking your own child with a terrible Christmas present? How would you react to the Intellivator? What’s the funniest way you’ve ever woken someone up. Let us know below!