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London Cab driver changes career...

Recently at Able Skills we have seen a large number of London Cab drivers coming to our centre to train in many of the different trades. They come with the plan to begin a new career once they have completed their training.

Lots of the traditional 'Black Cabs' are losing lots of business due to other cheaper cab firms, that might not be offering such a good service. Due to the lack of regular work, a lot of the black cab drivers have decided to retrain and start a new career.

After a long and hard time thinking about his next move, Steve decided that he couldn't work full time as a cab driver anymore as he found it hard finding work, he came to Able Skills to make a change in his career.

Steve decided to become an Electrician after thinking long and hard what career path to take. He even took a short carpentry course here at Able Skills before deciding that the electrical industry was the route he wanted to go down.

Our Electrical courses are the perfect starting point for any hopeful Electrician, just like London Cab driver, Steve. Our Electrical courses are the perfect starting point for any hopeful Electrician, just like London Cab driver, Steve.

He has now completed both his Level 2 and Level 3 Electrical courses, which he bought as a package, and also has completed both his PAT Testing and 17th Edition courses. With Steve well on his way to becoming a fully qualified Electrician, he is now planning to complete his testing qualifications, the NVQ and AM2 in the near future.

When we spoke to Steve he spoke about how he didn't really get any solid business from being a London cab driver anymore due to various other companies, so he thought a career change was the best option. Steve mentioned about seeing the demand for Electricians in the UK, so he jumped at the opportunity.

Steve said this about his course:

"I tried other options like carpentry but I am extremely glad to have chosen the electrical route. I couldn't have asked for anything more from everyone at Able Skills, my instructor Keith was fantastic throughout both courses and I couldn't thank him enough. I have had the best start to my new career."

Lots of people are beginning to retrain for various reasons and at Able Skills lots of people have made a fantastic start to their new careers with our training. If you would like to change your career then contact us on 01322 280202 for more information.