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London's "Disneyland" Could Spark Thousands of Jobs!

Construction of Englands biggest theme park is set to create thousands of construction jobs in all types of trades!


The London Resort, which has been dubbed 'UK Disneyland', will stretch across a 535-acre site - the equivalent to 136 Wembley stadiums.

This is a massive project and will take years to complete, the estimated opening date is sometime in 2024! After years of contemplation and speculation, the construction is set to being soon.

construction training Swanscombe Peninsula is the construction site for the proposed theme park.

Where is it?


The construction of this theme park is only a 15-minute drive from our training centre here at Able Skills!  

The site is slap bang in the middle of the Dartford and Gravesham boroughs at Swanscombe Peninsula. This will not only bring a lot of tourism and attention to the theme park itself but also the surrounding areas!

People will set up shop on the route towards the park and infrastructure will change to accommodate such a massive attraction. With the site being supposedly 3-times as large as any theme park currently in the UK! It seems that this area will become a new hot-spot for tourism.

The London Resort?


The London Resort, is a possible title for the park, although the site is situated just outside the borders of London. This attraction will give Kent an overall boost in terms of infrastructure, tourism and status!

The people in charge of this massive project are familiar with large scale London attractions. The chief executive was previously in charge during the construction of the Millenium Dome, now named the O2!

The construction is set to begin around 2021! 


construction training Concept art of the proposed Paramount London resort.

Impact on local communities?


There will be many positive impacts on the local community, the thought of having such a landmark attraction on locals doorsteps is exciting. However, there are many overall changes that will happen due to this project including:

  1. The project will be a catalyst for regeneration in the area including the delivery of the Ebbsfleet Garden City (A residential housing project of 15,000 homes)

  2. There will be an increase in economic activity in the local area, leading to an increase in local spend which is good for local business

  3. Thousands of jobs will be created once the park is completed

  4. There will also be significant job creation associated with construction activity

  5. Improvements will be made to the roads, ensuring that new infrastructure is in place to serve the Entertainment Resort, including a new dedicated access route from the A2

  6. Breathing new life into acres of abandoned industrial land

  7. It will harness the potential of the River Thames and new routes will be created to make it attractive for people to walk, cycle or bus to and around the site

  8. A green network will include areas of environmental enhancement and wildlife habitat creation beside the River Thames

Job Opportunities!


Such a large scale construction is going to require a large scale workforce. This could be a great opportunity not just for local construction workers but tradesmen across the country!

Planning includes huge scale infrastructure to allow access to the park via road, river and rail! These massive transport links will include one of these two options:

  • A new dedicated access route will be created to separate Entertainment Resort traffic from local traffic, reducing the potential for traffic congestion at the A2 Ebbsfleet junction

  • Entertainment Resort traffic will use a free-flowing route from the A2 to the parking and drop off areas, minimising the possibility of queuing back on the A2`


  • As with Option A, a new dedicated access route to the Entertainment Resort would be created that separates Entertainment Resort traffic from local traffic

  • A new "hamburger" layout roundabout (a roundabout with a road running through the centre) would separate Entertainment Resort traffic from local traffic and provide a through route for resort traffic to minimise the possibility of queuing back onto the A2

Either one of these options for logistic infrastructure is a massive undertaking!  The London Resort overall will require engineers, bricklayers, plasterers and the lot. All facets of construction will be needed for the entire project! The theme park will be a giant employer in terms of construction and could offer a solid contract for years of stable work.

In total it has been suggested by The London Resort team themselves that an estimated 6,300 + construction job roles will need to be filled during the construction period.

The London Resort will be holding events to give potential suppliers the opportunity to find out more about the services and product requirements. Check their website for more information -

Construction Training:


If you live locally to the construction site it's a no brainer that you should be researching a job on this site! It will be a guaranteed long-term contract that will give you job security and the satisfaction of bringing such a project to your community!

Thinking of getting into construction? If you are thinking of getting some training or qualifications in a trade, then Able Skills can help you! There is so much potential with careers in construction, due to the rise of projects similar to this.

No experience in construction?

No Problem, we can train you right from the start through an Introduction course all the way to a Level 2 NVQ course!

Here is a list of the construction courses we offer: 

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For more information on this news story check out The London Resort's website here.

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