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In in this day and age, technology is everywhere. From making things more convenient, to making things more enjoyable, technology remains a dominant force that doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Whether it's machinery or a small device you carry around in your pocket, the chances are that we all make use of some form of gadget in one way or another!

Being a Training Provider offering both Electrical Courses and Electrician Courses, we have seen how technology has impacted trade work with mobile phones helping tradesmen find work via social media. But more specifically, today's topic of discussion is how useful apps are as we'll be listing the most useful apps for Electricians!...

...Some people tend to avoid technology, but as the old saying goes, 'if you can't beat them, join them!'

Megger Cable Calculator

First up is the app that allows Electricians to calculate voltage drops for electrical installations up to 25 KW within a few seconds. The Megger Cable Calculator works with the most common types of cable such as:

  • SWA 2-
  • SWA 3-
  • 4-core XLPE
  • 4-core PVC
  • twin and earth

Data entry is made quick and easy for the end user and shows the minimum cable size as well as the load current... the app includes handy reference videos and guides!

Electrical Formulator

Is Electrical Design proving difficult? This app helps make matters easier by giving you hundreds of conversion and calculation formulas in your very own pocket. What specifically can it do? The handy app's software allows you to calculate Amps which are in AC and DC current and even helps with calculations related to Kilowatts, Joules and Ohm’s Law. The app even lets you save, print and email your results!


The app that allows you to certify your electrical installations. iCertifi dynamically generates an individual serial number for every certificate you produce for traceability purposed and even allows you to send an unlimited number of certificates, eliminating the need to buy multiple serial numbers. The type of Electrical Certificates iCertifi is compatible with includes the following:

  • Minor Works
  • Three Circuit Minor Works
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Electrical Danger Notice
  • Visual Inspection
  • Earthing & Bonding Certificate
  • Electrical Isolation Certificate

Safe Isolation

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Able Skills Electrical Courses and Electrician Training Are Both City & Guilds Accredited

The Safe Isolation app comes as a handy guide to have in your pocket when it comes to carrying out work safely with electrical equipment. It offers step by step procedures accompanied by illustrations to make sure you always follow the guidelines set by law.

An app like this leaves minimal room to not know about safe isolation which makes a it a positive move in pushing for safer electrical work.

As mentioned earlier, technology really is driving the future for a lot of industries and it's good to see the beneficial side for a change! These apps can help a lot of practicing Electricians out there and there may even be some students currently on our Electrical Courses and Electrician Training who might know about these!

If they don't, feel free to share this with them!