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In today's world, apps can sometimes be the biggest life savers. Whether you work in an office or as a tradesmen on site, the chances are that there is an app that could help your everyday life. Whether this means making your job easier or finding an app that makes the day go by a lot quicker, apps are here to stay which brings us to today's topic...

Today we'll be talking about a few apps that any existing or aspiring Gas Safe Registered Engineer might find helpful. We'll list a few of what appears to be the most popular in an attempt to make your a job a little easier! After all, it's all about working smarter not harder!


First up is the Anton Sprint Mobile. This app makes producing FGA reports alot easier as well as making the overall running of your business a whole lot smoother. The Anton Sprint Mobile App also creates instant on-site personalised reports, gas certificates, landlord certificates, safety notices, warning notices, service sheets, provides reminders for annual boiler servicing for each of your customers and securely stores all of their details on your phone.

Gas Engineer Software

Paperwork comes with a lot of different paperwork and the reality is that we just have to get it done. This is where Gas Engineer Software app comes in as it claims to save you up to 10 hours of work every week. The app allows you to you send certificates, quotes and invoices directly to the customer as well as before and after photos of the job. It will cost you £75+ VAT every year however, but does allow you to use it on as many devices as needed. Sound fair? Well the app also allows Gas Engineers to create and send Domestic and Non-Domestic Gas Certificates, Domestic Oil Certificates, Job sheets, Legionella, Minor Electrical Works, Quotes and Invoices.

Gas App UK

Dubbed as the 'vital one-stop shop resource for the day to day work of a Gas Engineer'. As per the app description itself, it allows those on Gas Training Courses as well as existing Gas Engineers to access thousands of manuals for both domestic and commercial appliances, create digital forms which you can add your own logo to, a business managing tool, tools to help with pipe sizing and gas rating etc, 'bespoke' quoting software as well as many more you'll have to discover on the app!

Gas Certificate App

Looking for another simple to use app to make your job easier? Try The Gas Certificate App. With creating Gas Certificates being a huge part of being a Gas Engineer, this app makes them easy to create. This includes domestic gas certificates, non-domestic gas certificates, domestic oil certificates, job sheets, electronic signatures and automated reminders to send to your customers on certain dates. All of which can be easily stored and found at a later date within the app and help you keep track of client details, job addresses and more. The app is also said to have bank-level encryption.

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Maybe you've got a few apps that you use already? Not on the above list? Let us know which app you use! This is not an extensive list and we're sure there's more out there for Gas Engineers and even those on Gas Training Courses at the moment!

Not only do we provide training, but we're always on the look out to help students on our various Gas Courses in any way we can. If this is something you would like to find out more about, please click here.