Here at Able Skills we are now working to get back to normal and bring students back into our centre of excellence from the 8th of March to get stuck into training courses! However, if you are a working electrician and looking to achieve your NVQ we are still offering our remote option for achieving this qualification across the country. Today we want to talk about how the option works from a distance and how you can get started!

Electrician courses

How does a remote NVQ work?

So, firstly we would normally do a profiling session to establish your experience and talk about your career so far. This part can now be done over a Video Call with one of our electrical assessors, from here if all goes well you'll look to get a ‘licence to practise’. Next, you will look to gain evidence of the work you've completed in the form of video evidence and photos that again you will send to our instructors...

They will review the evidence you have provided and check whether or not anything needs to be done or changed or whether you went about dealing with the electrical task in the right way, safely and efficiently - The purpose is to gather documentary evidence of your competence with regards to various different aspects of an Electrical installation. To complete the process after the profiling session and the remote assessment's you will need to complete an AM2 assessment which is a practical assessment with a short online component - The exercises include installation, inspection and testing and fault-finding and the work must comply with the current IEE Wiring Regulations and be carried out in line with Health & Safety best practice.

Social Distancing

 Full support and guidance from an Able Skill's NVQ Assessor will be provided and readily available throughout.

How do I get started?

Again, now that this assessment process is being conducted remotely, any professionals across the country can take their assessment with us. The best way to enquire about booking the course is over the phone on 0808 100 3245! On the phone we are happy to answer any questions you have and secure a date for your initial profiling session. Our office is open 7-days-a-week between 8:30 - 16:30!

Able Skills is a Centre of Excellence. We aim to provide the highest-quality of electrical training possible, helping our students become fully qualified professionals!

Interested in becoming an Electrician?

If you are not a working electrician but a complete new entrant, we have got you covered. We are looking to resume in centre training from the 8th of March. Our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package is the all-in-one course that puts all of the Electrician courses and training aspects you need into one complete path. This course will effectively teach you to become an electrician from scratch and upon completion you'll be ready for employment. From novice to fully qualified and ‘Approved Electrician’, this package of learning has everything that you need. You will start with learning the fundamental requirements for undertaking an electrical installation as well as information relating to the structure and organisation of the electrical industry eventually you will achieve your JIB Gold Card which is an electricians identity card when fully qualified.

Additional Information:

For more information on Electrician courses or any other training call us on 0808 100 3245 or contact us via email on [email protected] -  - Our office team are still working tirelessly to help aspiring traders take the right path to success, answer any questions and take bookings. ! Our office is open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! We hope to see you training with us soon as we open our doors for electrician courses once again on the 8th of March.

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