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Open Discussion With Students Who Finished Their Part P Course Today!

Today marks the end of the City & Guilds Accredited Domestic Installer Course (one of the several Part P Courses we provide). As we like to keep in the know about what our very own students think about the Electrical Training they receive, we caught up with them on their last day to gain valuable feedback about their time here at Able Skills. We spoke about why they chose Able Skills, how they found it and even spoke more in depth with a particular student who told us more about why he signed up for our Part P Courses specifically. So without further ado, here's what we found out!...

Firstly, why Able Skills Part P Courses?

One of the first things students told us when asked this question was simply 'good reputation'. Before they booked the course, a lot of students had seen our online presence and had a good look at the reviews we've received from students on pages such as Feefo, Google and The Independent Able Skills Review Page.

There isn't anything more genuine than a second opinion from a student who's been here and done it! Having previously spoken to one of the students within this group, they actually came to have a look at our centre one Sunday afternoon. It was here when they spoke with one of our electrical instructors and had a good look around our electrical centres. Having liked what they saw they enrolled onto the next available slot for our Advanced Domestic Installer Course. When speaking to one of our students in particular, he told us a bit more about what he does at the moment, why he's doing the course and told us about his plans after!

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So What's Your Story Dan?

part p courses Able Skills Part P Courses are City & Guilds accredited

I'm currently the chief engineer over at a residential development company. I do a lot of different work and wanted to do the Domestic Installer Course to increase my skill set. Now that I've finished I want to apply what I've learnt here to my job now and save my company alot of money hiring other people! Later on I would love to do the City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 Electrical Course before eventually starting up my own maintenance company. That's ofcourse later down the line but that's definitely what I want to eventually do.

What Did You Guys Think Of The Teaching and Facilities?

We can honestly say the entire group thought the teaching was great and the facilities were excellent. We were told the tools given were very handy and we provided everything they needed to get the best out of the course. Something we were also told which was nice to hear is that one student was recommended to come here by the firm he currently works for! This goes to show that we really are known throughout the industry!

If you would like to find out more about our Part P Courses and follow in the footsteps of these guys, be sure to search our Part P Courses and have a quick look at the above clip of these guys in action!