Pay attention, there are a few changes coming to the Part P Package


What is the Part-P package?


The aim of this training package is to ensure you have a full understanding of how to safely install domestic electrics and meet the requirements of scheme providers to register on to their Domestic Installer scheme, however, if you do not have a history of undertaking electrical installations, you should work on gaining some experience before registering. For those who have previous electrical experience – the qualifications achieved on this package will usually allow you to join a scheme straight away. All our Electrician courses are structured to ensure our students get the best out of their time with us.

There are some slight changes coming to our Part-P package, so if you were considering enrolling in this course in the future then make sure to read this article carefully, and understand the updates to the course.

What's changed?


Well, mostly the course is following the same structure and all the previously seen courses are still incorporated in the package except for PAT testing which is now not included in the package!

Also, the 18th Edition section of the package that would usually last a period of 3-days is now 5-days! This is to give our new entrants more time to get their head around the wiring regulations and to ensure that all our students are successful in their completion of the test. Removing the PAT test and introducing additional days for the 18th Edition means that the total length of the course is still 20-days. So if you already alotted a 20-day period to undergo the course then there is no need to worry!

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Can I take the course in sections?


If you cannot possibly take a full 20-day period away from an existing job or any other prior arrangements then you may be able to break up the course, however, the first 2-weeks of the course will always have to be completed back to back but weeks 3 and 4 can be completed later if preferred. This is because the first course lasts for a period of 10-days, a full 2 working weeks so it is ideal to complete this section in a straight run.

Everything you will study:


The course is a set of 3 separate Electrician courses taken over 4-weeks. Here are the 3 Electrician courses and their contents:  

Course 1 - C&G A00D-08 - Introduction to Domestic Electrical Installation and Understanding Electrical Installation and Applicable Building Regulations:

10 Days

This course is the ideal starting point for students hoping to become professionals in the industry, the course is a mix of practical and theory so that your knowledge and ability are on par. During this course our instructors will guide you as best they can, our instructors have years of experience, so utilise them, ask as many questions as you would like. During this 10-day period you will be coving the following aspects: 

  • The definition of electric shock
  • Ohms Law & Power Triangles
  • Identification of earthing systems
  • An introduction to legislation governing electrical installation in dwellings
  • Understanding circuit breaker and cable selection
  • Installation of earthing and bonding, Ring circuits, Radial Circuits and various lighting circuits.
  • Understanding basic inspection and testing:
  • Safe isolation
  • Adding additional outlets to a circuit
  • Completion of a minor works certificate
  • Completion of installation certificates

Having installed a range of electrical circuits and grasped the practical application process, you will also learn how electrical installations are affected by the Building Regulations. This includes electrical installations in bathrooms, showers and garden areas.

The following units are covered:

  • Unit 1 : Applicable Building Regulations
  • Unit 2 : Electrical safety, legislation, regulations, standards & terminology.
  • Unit 3 : Installation of a garden security light incorporating SWA
  • Unit 4 : Inspecting, testing and commissioning a domestic single phase circuit.
  • Unit 5 : Special locations and installations
  • Unit 6 : Pre-work survey inspection
  • Unit 7 : Basic understanding of 3 phase

Course 2 - C&G 2382-18 (18th Edition): 

5 Days

The 18th Edition is the latest edition of the wiring regulations and is a necessary and mandatory test for all those working with electronics...yes that includes you. The aim of the newly extended period of time given for this course is to ensure that our students fully understand the regulations and can complete the test without a problem. The 18th Edition course covers:

  • Part 1: Scope, object and fundamental principles
  • Part 2: Definitions
  • Part 3: Assessment of general characteristics
  • Part 4: Protection for safety
  • Part 5: Selection and erection of equipment
  • Part 6: Inspection and testing
  • Part 7: Special installations or locations

Course 3 - City & Guilds 2392 – Level 2 Fundamental Inspection and Testing:

5 Days

This course is an introduction to inspection and testing as a whole, this course with not only give you a foundation of knowledge on the subject but upon completion you will gain a certificate that proves your competence in this aspect of electrical work. Again this course is a mix of practical work and theory and will result in an online examination and a practical assessment. The course looks at:

  • Preparation for initial inspection and testing
  • Inspection of the installation
  • Training in the use of multi-function testing meters
  • Safe isolation procedures and equipment
  • Testing, to include
  • Continuity of Protective Conductors
  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarity
  • Earth Electrode resistance
  • Earth fault loop impedance
  • RCD testing
  • Completing the documentation

Need more info?


If you require some more information about any of the individual Electrician courses talked about in this article or the Part-P package as a whole then do not hesitate to get in contact with us. You can call on 08081003245, Or simply come down to our office in Dartford we will happily show you around and answer any questions about any of our Electrician courses you may have! We are open between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30.