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Plumbing student attended the 8 week 6129 City & Guilds Plumbing course

When completing the plumbing course I felt that we were fully prepared for each of our assessments throughout the course as I managed to pass all of them first time, so the tutoring is obviously right. During the plumbing course I gained a lot of knowledge and experience and I feel much more prepared for the future as there is a lot more to plumbing than I originally thought!Overall, Roy & Jim were great instructors and I would highly recommend anyone to come to Able Skills and become a plumber!Gavin Hood attended the 8 week 6129 City & Guilds Plumbing courseThroughout the plumbing course I found the tutors to be very helpful and they answered all of my questions. They made sure that I was fully prepared for all my exams and assessments, which gave me more confidence in my skills. I was very impressed with the facilities we had to complete the course and found that with each assessment, even thought there was a time limit to complete it, I did not feel rushed and managed to complete all the tasks within the time provided.